Sunday 12 July 2020

Parish Council Minutes from the AGM July 7th 2020

Huttons Ambo Parish Council Minutes for the AGM

July 7th 2020

Welcome: David Banks (Chair) welcomed councillors Philip Barraclough, Andy Dorman, Simon Lealman, Emma Samuel and Sarah Banks (Clerk) and four members of the public. 

Chairman’s Report:

Chairman’s report

COVID19 and meetings
We would usually have met in March and May but for Covid19. While other councils have been permitted to hold online meetings, PCs were not and could not meet in person by law, until now.

After years of campaigning fibre broadband is now available in the village. Around half the village should be able to receive it. I’ve been in extended contact with SFNY for the rest. Assurances were given that we would be looking at this Autumn, but then Covid came along. It is hoped that the work to connect the rest of the village will resume shortly.

A64 Junctions
Councillors met with contractors to discuss safety of works being carried out at the low junctions and general issues with both junctions.
50ph limit is now being imposed on this stretch of A64. There is concern at how this will be signposted for HA and any impact on traffic speeds.

A tree inspection has been carried out and work identified – to be discussed in ordinary meeting.

The footpath footpath monitoring group carried out an inspection of rights of way in the parish. The estate carried out works to rectify any issues identified. This exercise has been repeated this year.

Grass cutting

The PC paid for grass cutting on the greens, some verges and general tidying of the village. The contractor continues to do a very good job on this work.

Planning applications
The PC has continued to publish planning applications to the HA website and comment on those it has received during the year.

Following the departure of Avril Monks, Richard Green stepped in as internal auditor and was extremely helpful and supportive of the chairman and clerk in this process.


This will be my final meeting as chairman and councillor and Sarah’s as clerk. The PC might want to consider a rotating chairmanship in future, but that is a matter for the PC to decide. Both chair and clerk will continue to fulfil their roles until replacements are in place prior to the next parish council meeting on September 15th 2020.

The PC’s expenditure was £2086 and income was £2800, resulting in an excess for the year of £714. The balance in the account at the end of the year, including reserves, was £7,324. Expenditure was less than budgeted owing to tree work not being completed until the new financial year. The excess carried over will be used to fund the tree work. 

Sarah Banks, Clerk:

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