Friday 14 May 2021

Fibre Broadband Update from BT OpenReach

25th April 2021 Openreach update

Good morning Andy,  

We have heard back from the project manager and he has advised the Estimated Completion Date (ECD) for the project is mid- June. As the project builds the fibre apparatus in stages some properties will initially have availability and others will be activated later in the project.  

I have attached a link to our website [*], which is updated daily, and this will show when FTTP is available and orders can be accepted. It also lists the service providers that offer the product at the time. 
I will now arrange to close this case, if our systems are not showing that FTTP is available by towards the end of June please raise a new case and we will investigate further. If you should need any further assistance please raise a new enquiry as any further correspondence to this case will not be seen by the team.

Kind regards


Infrastructure Solutions  



[*] Note: the link provided by BT doesn't work!


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Huttons Ambo Parish Councul - Minutes of Meeting April 21st 2021



Wednesday, April 21st 2021 at 7.00pm 

Meeting outside the Village Hall 



Councillors present, apologies for absence

Present: Andy D, Simon L, Philip B & Emma S and Anne L (clerk) 

Guests: Graham Milner

2 Approval of Minutes of meeting on 9th February 2021 – Signed & approved

3 Matters arising:

  1. General state of roads and footpaths – Grange to Manor Farm 

  1. On Mark’s list to attend to the footpaths once he has the time 

  1. Brush the kerb side and remove the debris. Simon to lead on this 


  1. Broadband Update – What is the current situation 

  1. Richard Powley from Openreach, project delayed due to high costs. We are awaiting confirmation that this is sorted out and progressing shortly. Andy leading on this 

  1. Culture Media and Sport have been contacted, discussions around 5g being installed throughout the country. Huttons Ambo falls outside this 5g installation as we are due to be connected within 12 months. 


  1. Village info boards - a discussion of areas/subjects to be included  

  1. Thank you Philip for your notice board history. Philip is going to update the last paragraph and make the modern day Huttons Ambo information more up to date. 

  1. Andy - To include the Railway Station House and its history, railway bridge, date of construction (one more bridge of its kind in Wales), Suspension bridge, listed bridge.  

  1. Simon - List of listed buildings within the village, pubs in the village 

  1. Simon - The Pinfold and its history, Borthwick Institute 

  1. Sand & Clay Quarry ¾ silver birches were the top of the quarry face, built east to west (Clive Milson, Graham Milner rebuilt the track and rode the tracks.) Graham going to do some digging and get back to the PC. 

  1. Philip to ask Sharon Jackson for some of the history of the church 

  1. Andy to ask Rona to do a map for the boards 

  1. Mock up a board to see how much information we can get on a 1.5m x 1m  


  1. Grass on village green - should we introduce some indigenous wild flower patches? 

  1. Rona is happy to investigate plants 

  1. Edging the grass verge/bank and other areas would look very nice and encourage the wildlife back to the village. 

  1. PC in agreement in principle 


  1. Fete on day of Flower & Produce show (now 14th August). 

  1. Emma to find out if any interest from the villagers

4 New Matters: 

  • Work in progress via the Ramblers association.  

  • Footpath 16 needs to be checked for repair 

  • Poo Bags at the bus stops need refilling- Sue Milner to ask Sarah Banks if she knows the number of the padlock so it can be refilled.

5 Planning:

6 Finance: 

  • Review balance sheet for 2020-2021  

  • Current spend of £252.05 and a bank balance of £6763.28 

  • ParishCouncillors to become cheque signatories on the Barclays Bank Parish Account, approved. Simon Lealman. Philip Barraclough and Emma Samuels to be added to the account. 

  • Approval given to move to excel accounting from paper acccounts from the 2021/22 financial year.

7 Any Other Business 

8 Date of next Meeting

Tuesday 22nd June 2021 AGM

Andy to give a report for the previous year 

Anne Lealman- Clerk to the Parish Council




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