About Huttons Ambo

Huttons Ambo seen from Leavening Brow
This is Huttons Ambo, a small village tucked away near Malton in North Yorkshire, seventeen miles from York and on the edge of the Howardian Hills.

Although the population is small (the 2001 census gives a population of 287 and North Yorkshire Council estimates the 2007 population at 390) but even so you do get quite a bit for your money, as Huttons Ambo is really two villages, High Hutton and Low Hutton. Ambo is latin for 'both', so Huttons Ambo means 'Both Huttons'.

The Old Vicarage and Corn Bales

This means that strictly speaking, Huttons Ambo does not exist, as there is no single place called Huttons Ambo. As a result visitors frequently get lost, they see a sign for High Hutton, another for Low Hutton and press on, still looking for the non-existent Huttons Ambo. It makes for a quieter life, I suppose, but sometimes it's hard to get things delivered.

High Hutton Hall
High Hutton perches up on the hill near the A64 and contains the village church, dedicated to St Margaret's of Scotland, Hutton Hall, formerly the residence of the Starkey family and couple of dozen houses and cottages.

Herbies shop, Low Hutton
Low Hutton lies nearly a mile away, nestling down by the River Derwent. In it can be found the Village Hall, Herbies shop (which until recent Royal Mail cutbacks also included the village Post Office) and the majority of housing.

Stone Shed, High Hutton
In the Medieval times Huttons Ambo consisted of three settlements, Hutton Bardolf, Hutton Colswayn and Hutton Mynchon, which gradually evolved into the current two villages.