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Huttons Ambo Parish History Group - 4th April 2019

Minutes of Huttons Ambo Parish History Group meeting held on Thursday 4TH April 2019
Present at meeting
Philip Barraclough (PB), Rona Charles(RC), Graham Milner (GM) David Green (DG) and Emma Samuel(ES) Susan Milward (SM)
1. Apologies for Absence
Denise Doggett(DD), Ann Sanders, Alan Sanders, Pam Taylor (PT), Andy Doorman (AD), Andrew Jackson
2. Minutes of last meeting were agreed
3. The Exhibition
PB confirmed that the Exhibition would now take place on Saturday 29th June.
DG agreed to hold a Fair Trade stand to help raise fund.
Other events could include a children’s fancy dress in association with the Youth Club.
Refreshments based on a Victorian theme (Liz Ellis has agreed to sponsor the refreshments)
A village recipe book
 4. Oral history
PB reported that Clive Milson had agreed to take part and that in the absence of special audio equipment a smart phone would be used but that he would need to obtain the necessary software.
5. History walks
It was agreed that the history walks go ahead and that Simon Jackson be contacted regarding the history of the church and that Claire Jenyngs be contacted regarding access to the grounds of the Hall.
The idea of a history cruise on the Derwent was discussed with GM having access to a boat.
A party of 15 could be accommodated. It was agreed that a trial cruise should be undertaken beforehand. PB and RC agreed to take the lead.
Suggested Dates
Low Hutton 12th June
High Hutton 19th June
North of the A64 26th June
River Derwent History Cruise 21st July
6. Fund Raising
DD will hold a fund raising event on the 1ST June
7. Archaeological Dig
ES emphasized that any dig would need a research plan and would need to be properly documented. She suggested that we contact archaeologist John Kenny who has experience of running community archaeology projects. It was agreed that PB, SM and ES would field in the fields owned by SM to identify a likely target for digging on the 22nd April at 10am. She also suggested that we look into aerial mapping - York– Archaeological Air Mapping could be approached.
8. Any other business RC reported back on the files held on the parish by North Yorkshire County Council. It was apparent that there was little that was not already held by the group or has available on the internet.
Date of Next Meeting
The next meeting is on Thursday 9th May in the Village Hall at 7pm.

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Lesley Seeger - York Open Studios 2019 - Weekend 2

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Thursday 4 April 2019

John Bemrose Family Tree - Help Wanted

John Bemrose is compiling his family tree and would like any infirmation about:

William Spencer, father-in-law of 1st cousin 1x removed, who was Landlord of the Triton Inn, Sledmere from 1937.

He is noted as "previously 18 years a chauffeur".

The 1911 census noted he was at High Hutton and listed as "Domestic Chauffeur". Presumably at the hall for the Starkeys?

His wife was Mabel, and there were three sons, Thomas 1909, "Baby" 1911 and David George 1912.

If you can add any information please contact Jon at:

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Huttons Ambo Parish History Group - Minutes 28th February 2019

Minutes of Huttons Ambo Parish History Group meeting held on Thursday  28th February 2019

Present at meeting

Philip Barraclough (PB),  Pam Taylor (PT),  Rona Charles(RC), Diane Savage (DS) Andy Doorman (AD), Graham Milner (GM), Carol Haig (CH), David Green (DG)

1. Apologies for Absence
Denise Doggett(DD), Ann Sanders  and Alan Sanders

2. Action Report
RC reported that was still trying to obtain large scale mapping of the parish. This map was to be used to replace the hand annotated map held by Joyce Parker. AD stated that he was trying to obtain copies of large scale maps of the parish dating from the 19th Century. Unfortunately Malton library have lost one of the maps – but AD said he would pursue the matter. DG stated that he had a number of large scale  maps dating from the 1960s. RC said that during her attempts to obtain maps from the County Council she had come across the fact that council holds a record on the archaeology etc of each parish and that she would try obtain details of the contents.

The meeting agreed that it would be of great value to hold maps of these three periods. However it was pointed out by PB that holding current property details would come within the terms of the General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR).

PB reported that he had started writing a history of the village.

PB requested that members send him a list and brief description of any documents that the group hold on the history of the village.

3. The Exhibition
PB stated that in discussion with DD  suggested that the Exhibition should be a one day event associated with a tea, coffee  and cakes, which would hopefully attract more of the village than if it was just an exhibition. The meeting approved this and PB stated he would circulate some suggested dates.

4. PB reported that he had attended a course in London on oral history. One of the main issues tackled on the course apart conducting an interview was GDRP and the importance of obtaining written permission from the subject to obtain a recording and then how it would be used.

After considerable discussion it was decided that PB would interview DS, GM and if possible Clive Milson as a first step.

GM will investigate if his company has specialist recording equipment.

5. Goals for 2019.

Oral Histories
History walks
Archaeological Dig
First draft of village history

5. Date of Next Meeting
The next meeting is on Thursday 4th April in the Village Hall at 7pm.

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