Thursday 4 October 2001

A walk along the hillsides

This was originally published as an article on the old village website in 2001. I'm reposting it now with some new pictures.

This is a circular route, starting at Low Hutton and taking along the hillsides through Huttons Bank Wood. If desired you can detour into High Hutton and come back to Low Hutton down the main lane joining the two villages.

Beware of the cow
Before starting note that you may encounter livestock on this route, so take sensible precautions - if you have a dog, keep it on a lead . Also in winter footpaths may be muddy, so wear sensible boots or wellingtons.

Start opposite Herbies
Starting at Low Hutton, walk up towards the Village Shop. Stop off at the shop to take on supplies, sweets etc then take the footpath opposite the shop. This leads down through Low Hutton Wood and over a stile and through a field, with views of the river and the railway line at the bottom of the valley to your left.

Proceed across the field to another stile and then into Huttons Bank wood.

Huttons Bank Wood - Autumn Colours
Follow the track through the woods, eventually the view opens out on your left over the river valley, to the right the wood continues up the hillside with plantations of conifers.

Huttons Bank Wood - Early Summer
Further along the wood closes in, eventually the footpath leaves the track and drops down through the wood, bringing you out at Keepers Cottage.

Keepers Cottage

Pass by the cottage and rejoin the track. To the right you will have Huttons Bank wood and to the left open fields, continue on to the end of the wood.

Huttons Bank Wood - looking back down the track

Steep climb to Rake's Lane
If you are feeling fit then take the steep climb up the hill to St Andew's Lane (locally known as Rake'sLane). Otherwise you can continue on a little further and follow the more gentle rise up towards the A64, then you can double back along Rake's Lane.

The Grange Farm and an elderly combine harvester
Continue down Rake's lane till you come out at the farmyard near the Grange and then continue along the road, past the Village Hall, until you come out at the Village Green at Low Hutton again.

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