Sunday 16 February 2014

After the Storm

Perhaps it's tempting fate to say it, but we've been quite lucky, while the rest of the country has seen hurricane force winds and torrential rain, we've just had a bit of a storm.

Even so there is a bit of damage, on a bright breezy Sunday morning I found this fallen willow, full of catkins, blocking Rake Lane.

Fallen Willow, Rake Lane (click to enlarge)

A little further up Rake Lane a hawthorn has bitten the dust.

A Hawthorn bites the dust, Rake Lane (click to enlarge)
Moving further up into the field next to the A64 the mature ash in the cattle pen has snapped and lies in ruin across the broken top rails of the pen.

Broken Ash (click to enlarge)

It's sad to see established trees go and we should appreciate the ones we have left, here fresh spring sunlight picks up the subtle red and green tones of bark and algae and near Keeper's Cottage conifer trunks lurk in dark green gloom.

Study in colour and shade (click to enlarge)

Conifer trunks (click to enlarge)

Here some of the smaller trees have been thinned out and snowdrops are pushing up around the fallen trunks.

Snowdrops promise spring - I (click to enlarge)

Snowdrops - II (click to enlarge)
 Snowdrops are everywhere now, this carpet of white is next to the track that winds up the hillside track back to Herbies:
Snowdrops - III (click to enlarge)
Spring is on its way! Hooray!

All material © Philip Stone 2014

Sunday 9 February 2014

Next meeting Point is in March

Meeting point - Saturday 29 March from 2 till 4pm in the Village Hall

Because of a busy February in the village, the next Meeting Point will take place on March 29th, at the Village Hall, where there will be all the usual cakes, coffees and teas, children’s activities, book stall and hopefully Fair Trade.  There will also be a workshop run by a specialist rag rug maker, suitable for young and old.  She will show everyone the basics and get us started on a small sample, which we can then, if we wish, enter into the Huttons Ambo Village Flower and Produce Show in August.  Or perhaps it could be the beginning of a new hobby.  Materials will be provided and there may be a small charge for adults to go towards costs.
There will be no Meeting Point in February.

All material © Philip Stone 2014

Monday 3 February 2014

Village Show Quiz Night - Pictures


Thanks to all who attended the Quiz Night in the Village Hall on 11th January, in aid of the Huttons Ambo Village Flower and Produce Show.  There was a fantastic turn out and it was a hotly-contested competition.

‘The George Team’ (hang on, who's that on the right?) - Photo courtesy of Michael Sessions
Eleven tables of between 4 and 6 took part, and the eventual winners were ‘The George Team’, comprised of Alison Burns, Maurice Dobie, David Green, Sara and Pete Swindells and Alison Hewitt.

Better luck next time Herbie! - Photo courtesy of Michael Sessions

Sarah and Andy Clark served a fantastic meal in the interval, and funds raised for the Village Show were in the region of £275.

'The Choir' team (hang on, I've seen that face before...) - Photo courtesy of Michael Sessions

Many thanks to Liz Ellis for all her hard work organising the event. Thanks also to everyone who donated raffle prizes.  The Quiz Night may become a regular event on the Huttons Ambo social calendar, so watch this space for future dates.

Allison Hewitt