Wednesday 8 June 2022

Huttons Ambo Platinum Jubilee Party

The day started with a buffet meal served in the village hall, followed by a series of tug of war contests between teams from High and Low Hutton.

The children's tug of war was first:
Childrens tug of war

Low Hutton won.

Ladies next:
Low Hutton Ladies

High Hutton Ladies

Low Hutton won again

Finally the mens team
High Hutton Men

Once again Low Hutton won, although in our defence there were about three times as many of them than us.

Then we decamped to the Village Green for a group photo:

Finally there was entertainment provided by the local band Hambone

Thank you to everyone who helped:

In no particular order or rank ….
Food - Alison Burns, Pam Taylor, Jessie Garnham, Sarah Clark, Rosa Naylor, Carol Haigh, Alison Hewitt, Pamela Hewitt, Jane Johnson, Simon Lealman, ..probably more !
Furniture - David Haigh, Simon Lealman, Laura Lealman, Bertie Gabriel.
Bar - Andrew Eastwood, Clare Messer.
Decorations- Anne Sanders, Alison Hewitt.
Tug of War - Murray Naylor, Bob Mansell.
Music - Andy Clark and “ Hambone”.
Plus other helpers before, during and after the event.

Thank you to all,

© 2022