Thursday 14 July 2011

Huttons Ambo Produce Show - Final Schedule

Don't forget, the Huttons Ambo Produce Show is on Saturday August 13th  2011.

You can download the final version of the schedule here as a word document: Produce Show Schedule 2011 (Word)
or here as an adobe pdf file: Produce Show Schedule 2011 (PDF)

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Monday 6 June 2011

A Summer Evening, High Hutton

Just a few pictures from a recent summer evening walk.

Near The Lodge, High Hutton

Cattle in the fields, near the A64, High Hutton

Valley View and The Wolds

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Tuesday 5 April 2011

The 57th Huttons Ambo Flower And Produce Show

The schedule is now available for download here as a Word file: Produce Show Schedule 2011 (Word)
or here as an Adobe pdf file: Produce Show Schedule 2011 (PDF)
In brief:
The 57th  Huttons Ambo
Flower and Produce Show
Saturday August 13th  2011

ADMISSION            Adults 30 pence
                                   Children Free

DOORS OPEN                                                                        4:00 pm
ROLL A POUND FOR A BOTTLE OF WHISKY              4:00 – 5:00 pm
BARBECUE                                                                             4:30 pm
PRESENTATIONS of Cups and Trophies                          5:15 pm
RAFFLE DRAW and AUCTION (in aid of Show funds)   5:30 pm

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Wednesday 2 February 2011

Former High Hutton Telephone Kiosk Now Freecycle Centre

High Hutton Telephone Kiosk Refurbished (click to enlarge)
All over the country telephone kiosks are disappearing because BT says they are no longer cost effective to run. Two years ago the Parish Council learnt that the telephone kiosks in High and Low Hutton were not paying their way and could be removed by BT unless they were adopted by the council. Adoption means that the telephone equipment is removed so the kiosk can no longer be used for calls but at least the kiosk itself is preserved as part of the visual amenity of the village.

Now a Freecycle Centre (click to enlarge)
The Parish Council undertook a public consultation and as a result the High Hutton kiosk was purchased by the council under the 'Adopt A Kiosk' scheme. BT has now removed the telephone equipment and, with the aid of a grant from the Ryedale Small Scale Enhancements Scheme, a decorator was engaged to repaint the kiosk.  High Hutton residents Andy Dorman and Jem Charles completed the refurbishment by replacing the glass, tiling the floor and installing shelves. The telephone kiosk now starts a new life as a Freecycle Centre, initially for the exchange of books and magazines.

Freecycle - How To Do It (click to enlarge)

So come along to the High Hutton telephone kiosk and browse what's there. If anything takes your fancy, swap it for some of your own surplus books or magazines.

The book/magazine freecycling progamme is a trial, in the future we hope to try freecycling for toys, bric-a-brac or even plants. Other possibilities include mini exhibitions of photographs, pictures or items of local historical interest.

If you have any suggestions for future use of the High Hutton telephone kiosk, please post comments on this blog or contact your local parish councillors.

What about the future of the Low Hutton kiosk?
The consultation exercise showed there was no interest in Low Hutton in retaining the box, however Ryedale District Council objected to its removal and so the kiosk remains in place as a functioning telephone kiosk, maintained by BT.

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Monday 17 January 2011

Produce Show 2011 - A Date for your Diary

Huttons Ambo Flower & Produce Show 2011

will be on Saturday 13 August at 4.00pm.

Meanwhile, the judges’ comments from last year’s show can be downloaded here as a word document:
Judges Comments 2010 (Word)
or here as an Adobe pdf file:
 Judges Comments 2010 (PDF)

- or obtained in the old-fashioned way from a committee member.

For those who are interested, last year’s show made a modest surplus of £19.30 which will help fund the 2011 show.  Committee members have details of the Show finances if anyone would like to see them.

Show Committee 2011

Sarah and David Banks
Rona and Jem Charles
Sarah and Andy Clark
Andy Dorman
Liz Ellis
Richard Green

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