Produce Show

64th Flower & Produce Show
Saturday 4th AUGUST 2018


Show posters made by previous young show winners

About The Show

The Produce Show is held every year in Huttons Ambo Village Hall. The classes and rules for the Show are known as 'the Schedule'. During the early part of the year the Committee meets to review the Schedule and every year we make a few changes, to reflect changing trends in gardening, craft and cooking and to react to the numbers of entries that we receive in the various classes. The Schedule is published in spring in the Village Shop and on this website.

There are also many classes for the children to enter plus photography, handicrafts and a wide variety of opportunities to show off your garden produce and your culinary and baking skills – check the schedule.

We know that you're busy - so you don't need to submit entry forms in advance. You can turn up on the morning of Show day (Saturday) with whatever you'd like to show.

You can come along at 4.00 pm to see what everyone has managed to do over the last 12 months and we then auction the flower and produce items which remain.

Why not enter this year?
If you haven't entered the Produce Show before, why not give it a try this year, it's really easy and it's a fun afternoon for all the family.