Friday 17 July 2015

Village Writing Group

Joanne Patmore is interested in setting up a Village Writing Group.

Joanne teaches writing for NYCC as part of their Adult Education programme and has over
thirty years of experience teaching and facilitating adult groups. The proposed group would initially meet weekly for two hours. Open to anyone who writes for fun or would like to write, or to inspire anyone writing memoirs or family histories and those who just wish to get started and establish a writing routine.

Joanne says :  “Meetings will involve a one hour writing session with a focus on activities to inspire writing and ideas for stories...

The rest of the meeting would discuss our writing, films, novels and short stories of interest. The idea is that we create a friendly and warm environment to share ideas and to encourage each other with our writing projects.

The main aim for a writing group is to provide a structure and time to write as well as contact with like-minded people. I only need 3 or 4 people to show an interest to start the group. Venue Village Hall-daytime 1-3 pm. Cost would be nominal to cover photocopying and hall rental.”

Please contact Joanne  on 693398 or via email (preferred)

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Defibrillator - Sponsored Bike Ride

Sponsored Bike Ride
Joseph Banks and his Dad, David, will be doing a sponsored bike ride in August to raise funds to train villagers to use the new life-saving defibrillator unit.

They will be setting off on Monday August 17 from Dalby Forest and cycling up to Whitby, where they will stay the night. The next day they will cycle from Whitby down the coast to Scarborough, where they will enjoy a well-earned ice-cream on the Prom. In all they will be cycling 70 miles.

There will be a sponsorship form in Herbie's, or you can drop in at the Old School, or email to sponsor their effort.

Joseph will also have sponsor forms at the village show, where he will helping out with the scoring on the day

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Grants and Funding Update

Grants and Funding Update
We have been lucky enough to receive funding from Ryedale Stronger Communities and Rural Action Yorkshire to purchase a large professional hot cabinet, a microwave and a dishwasher for the village hall – for use at the Meeting Point and also be integrated into the new kitchen refurbishment plan. The Meeting Point has also received some funding to subsidise their hall rental for 2 year to keep the activity financially viable.

THE BIG LOTTERY BID for the full refurbishment of the Village Hall is now submitted. Extensive quotations have been collected and reams of appropriate words spun to complete the first stage application. Clare Jenyns and Liz Ellis are leading this with the support of a mentor from Coast & Vale Community Action in Scarborough tasked by The Lottery to find village hall projects to fast track. So, fingers crossed our application will get through to the next stage.

The funding is hoped to cover a complete new heating system, a sustainable energy solution, new kitchen, new doors and windows throughout, new window and serving hatch in the kitchen, damp proofing, dimmable lighting in the large room, full insulation, re-plastering, some re-pointing and a complete re-wire of the hall plus additions to generally bring the building up to date and future proof it too. It is anticipated that the work would take between 6-8 weeks when the hall will be out of action and we will then need community support to finish off the painting and final tasks.  Currently we have no idea on dates for this but watch this space.

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Dates for Your Diary

Book Club
Wed 29th July 11am – July meeting at Dorothea's  home ‘The Constant Gardener’ by John Le Carre

Meeting Point
NO MEETING POINT JULY & AUGUST – back in the Autumn

Produce Show
Saturday August 15th - download the schedule here and don't forget to visit the updated 2015 Produce Show page.

Church Services
Sunday 2nd August 11am Morning Prayer – Simon Jackson
Sunday 16th August 11am Holy Communion - The Rector
Sunday 6th Sept 11am Morning Prayer - Murray Naylor

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Thursday 16 July 2015



1.         Welcome, Councillors present & Apologies
Cllrs. Andy Dorman, Jessie Garnett, David Banks & Richard Green, and Clerk, Jem Charles were present.  Cllr. Simon Lealman sent apologies.  One member of the public was also present.

2.         Minutes of the May meeting were approved and signed as being a true record.

3.         Matters Arising
a)  Verge Cutting
Concern was expressed about road safety arising from the reduction in cutting by NYCC and, particularly, the late timing of the first cut.  The Council thanked Bob Mansell and Richard Wainwright for the swiping they had carried out.
It was not considered appropriate to seek to raise the precept to allow the Parish Council to undertake verge cutting but Jem will write to NYCC Highways:
1.     To express dissatisfaction at the timing of the first cut and seek assurance that this will be done earlier from 2016 and
2.     To explain the serious threat to pedestrian safety posed by vegetation blocking footpaths in front of Grange Farm and along Back Lane.
b)  Salt Bins
Andy reiterated that NYCC will only replenish 4 bins/heaps in the Parish.  Andy will seek clarification as to the location of the 2 bins on Water Lane to be filled by NYCC.  Jem will order 1 Tonne at a cost of £157.20 to be delivered to Bob Mansell’s yard so that other bins can be filled.
c) YLCA membership
This has been allowed for a £43 subscription but will be reviewed next year.  The Council’s suggestion regarding subscription rate bands is to be discussed at the YLCA September meeting.
d)  N. Yorkshire Police – Community Grants
Road signs are not eligible for these but Andy has learnt that NYCC might be willing to erect school warning signs for the bus stops.  Andy will indicate to NYCC appropriate locations.
e)  Parish Community Plan
Has been distributed.
f)   Village Hall refurbishment
The Lottery Bid has been lodged.  Andy outlined the extent of the work planned if the bid is successful and adequate funds are available.
g)  Copper beech on the Green
The tree was planted by Arthur Milsom on the direction of Col. Starkey and is of no discernible memorial significance.  Andy has asked a tree surgeon to advise on likely costs of crown reduction and frequency of likely necessary work to maintain the crown.
h)  Giant Hogweed by the River Derwent
Jem has arranged all necessary permissions to allow access to the affected stretch from The Alders.  The East Yorkshire Rivers Trust will be carrying out control soon.
i)   A64 junctions
Jem has corresponded with both the Highways Agency’s contractor and NYCC Highways.  It is now clear that the lack of drainage at the Barneygate lane end is the responsibility of NYCC.  A response from them regarding remedial work is awaited.
A response is also awaited from the Highways Agency regarding possible road safety improvements at both the Barneygate and Low Lane End junctions.
j)   Broadband
Andy and Jem had met with the marketing director of LN Communications to discuss possible wireless superfast broadband provision.  A mast at Birdsall Brow will be operational in the next few weeks which will allow coverage of both High and Low Hutton.  LNC are to supply further information and detail, as well as Declaration of Interest forms, for distribution with the monthly Bulletin.

4.         New Matters
a)  Parish Council website page
Philip Stone has requested that Councillors provide a photograph of themselves and a couple of sentences of description for inclusion on the PC Home page of the Village website.  This was unanimously agreed as being worthwhile.  Each Councillor will forward to Jem a photograph and text which could include; length of time as a Councillor and interests/plans/aspirations as a Councillor.
b)  Petanque Court
The Council supports the idea of provision of a court if there is sufficient interest and a suitable location can be identified.  If a group was formed to carry this forward the Council would assist where possible.
c)  Community Awards
At present there is no candidate meeting the criteria.  It was agreed that the Village Hall refurbishment project would be considered a very worthy candidate next year if work progresses according to plan.
d)  Community Friendly Buildings event
Ruth Hannah gave the Council a very useful summary of the event she had attended.  The Council strongly supports the Village Hall refurbishment project in making the Hall as welcoming to all as possible.
e)  YLCA Joint Annual meeting
To be held on the 18th July.  Any Councillor intending to attend please inform Jem by Wednesday 15th

5.         Planning
a)  4 Station Cottages
This application had been discussed at a previous meeting. It has now been approved subject to a condition concerning screening.

6.         Finance
a)  Budget Progress
Jem presented income/expenditure data, to date and the position is satisfactory.

7.         Any Other Business
a) Grit salt bin at Farmanby Close
Andy had received a request that the bin at Farmanby Close be moved.  Andy will liaise with residents and move the bin accordingly.
b) Transparency Code for Smaller Councils
Jem has learnt that the financial data already made available on the Village website is insufficient.  Jem will add a further table of data to ensure compliance with the Code.

8.         Date of Next meeting(s)
23rd September at 7.30 and, provisionally, 18th November at 7.30.

Jem Charles, Clerk to the Parish Council

Signed:…………………………………………….(Andy Dorman, Chairman)

Date: ……………………………..

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Friday 10 July 2015

Produce show 2015 - Call for Raffle Prizes

 Annual Produce & Flower Show 

 Raffle Prizes Needed

 Please leave with Herbie

By August 14th. Thank You

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Friday 3 July 2015



         A   Meeting   of   Huttons Ambo   Parish   Council

 will take  place  in  the  Village  Hall

 on Wednesday,  8th July  2015 at 7.30.

Local residents are invited to attend all Parish Council Meetings.
Copies of the (unadopted) Minutes of Meetings will be posted on the Parish Notice Boards and the Village Website.


1        Welcome, Councillors present, Apologies for Absence

2        Approval of Minutes

3        Matters Arising
a)   Verge cutting
b)   Salt Bins
c)   YLCA membership
d)   N. Yorkshire Police – Community Grants
e)   Parish Community Plan
f)    Village Hall refurbishment
g)   Copper beech opposite Herbie’s
h)   Giant Hogweed
i)    A64 junctions
j)    Broadband

4        New matters:
a)   Parish Council website page
b)   Petanque court
c)   Community Awards
d)   Community Friendly Buildings event
e)   YLCA Joint Annual meeting

5        Planning:
a)   4 Station Cottages

6        Finance:      
a)    Report to 31 June 2015

7        Any Other Business:

8        Date of next Meeting
          Provisionally 16th September 2015 at 7.30pm

Jem Charles, Clerk to Huttons Ambo Parish Council,

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