Wednesday 13 December 2023

Huttons Ambo History Group - Afternoon in the Village Hall - Sunday 14th January 2024


Afternoon in the Village Hall 

Sunday the 14th of January 2024 


Everyone is invited to join the History Group for any or all of the events below: 


1.30pm Presentation on the archaeological investigations last spring and summer, including results, conclusions and proposals for 2024. 

2.00 Washing of the investigation’s more robust finds and displaying all the finds. 

4.00 Talk by John Dodsworth: “John Mansfield, Squire of Huttons Ambo, Master of Mines, Queen's Surveyor and Puritan”.  


To help cover costs, there will be a £2 charge for non-members for the second talk, plus a donations box. 

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Friday 1 December 2023

Christmas Carols - Village Green -6:00pm Tuesday 12th December 2023

There will be carols on the Village Green, 6:00pm Tuesday 12th December,

All Welcome

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Huttons Ambo History Group - Next Meeting Sunday 14th January 2024

Next Meeting

Our next meeting will be a daytime one on Sunday the 14th of January. 

As well as washing the finds from this year’s dig etc, we expect to be able to hear a talk from John Dodsworth titled: “John Mansfield, Squire of Huttons Ambo, Master of Mines, Queen's Surveyor and Puritan”.

It sounds as though it should be an intriguing talk, taking us into “a world of conspiracy and the Elizabethan succession crisis”. We’ll publicise details of the day’s activities nearer the time, but please note the date and let others know who might like to join us.

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Huttons Ambo History Group - Minutes of Meeting 16th November 2023

Notes of the Huttons Ambo History Group 

16TH  November 2023 

Village Hall, Huttons Ambo 




Philip Barraclough  (PB) 

Graham Milner (GM) 

Alison Hewitt (AH) 

David Green (DG) 

Susan Milward (SM) 

Emma Samuel (ES) 

Richard Nesbitt (RN) 

Alan Sanders  (AS) 



  1. 1 Apologies 

Rona Charles  

Diarmaid Walshe 


  1. 2 Outside speakers: we have a possible lecture, 'Huttons Ambo, Settrington and the early history of Boston, Massachusetts’.  

DG contact Speaker with a view to arranging a talk 

PB to contact Towton Battlefield Trust,  

ES to contact Paula Ware from Malton Archaeological Services  



  1. 3 Request for memories/photos of methodist chapels 

GM stated that the Chapel was used as a Sunday School in the late 1950’s early 60’s. PB said he would contact  Simon Jackson, as the current owner to see if he had any history of the building. 


The Group has recently been contacted by the son of Alan Stevenson (1932-2015). His father was evacuated from Hull to Huttons Ambo at the age of six during WWII, but his son only has a brief account of his father’s time here. Apparently he lived on a farm (not named) with a Mr and Mrs Kilvington and his sister lived not far away in a “big house” called Manor Farm. 


PB said he had contacted one of the oldest residents in the village – who thought Mr Kilvington was a farm worker but had had no knowledge beyond that. PB will contact Mr Stevenson 



The Group was additionally approached by Heather Hembrey of Virginia see attached correspondence from AS. 


  1. 4 Archaeological investigations and outcomes. 

ES reported on the findings but also stated that we had not received the survey report that we had commissioned and that she would formally request this on behalf of the group. As the report had not been received ES had been unable to complete a summary of our activities - including an excavation report. 


We discussed proposed actions for next year. It was agreed in principle that we would - if permissions were granted to investigate three areas. 


An area to the west of last years excavation – behind Netherby Hall 


The garden and paddock of The Hollies – an extension of the test pit already dug and survey work 


An area immediately next to the Scheduled Monument – where geophysics have demonstrated the presence of earthworks. 


It was proposed that we hold a meeting on Sunday 14th January to wash the finds from this years dig and explain our plans for next year.  



  1. 5 AOB 


  1. 6 14th  January 2024 – details to be confirmed. 



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