Sunday 27 September 2015

Youth Club - Friday 2nd October - 7pm-8.15pm - Village Hall

Friday October 2nd
7pm to 8.15pm
Village hall


Special joint session For all ages
Come and register have some fun and find out what it’s all about 
Bring a parent for this first meeting

*** Note: time differs from that published in bulletin ***

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Tuesday 22 September 2015


The Council has received a notice of an application for extension, alteration and change of use at Low Farm Cottage.  Comments have been requested by 3rd October 2015.

The application can be inspected at Ryedale House or at by entering the application number.

If you have any comment please submit them directly to Ryedale District Council or contact one of your Parish Councillors.

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Sunday 20 September 2015

Apple Day - October 17th - Can You Help?

Dear All

Our next hall refurbishment fundraiser is our Apple Day on October 17th.

Below is the schedule for the day.

Here is a note of the things we still need help with – please let me know if you can help
(call 07968 981296)

· Apples presses – has anyone got one they could let us borrow and can anyone volunteer to run a pressing station? – Posters invite people to bring their own apples and containers.
· Cakes and Apple treats – we have hot pulled pork and apple rolls and large apple tarts from Fletchers - we need more cakes and treats to sell – baked apples, toffee apples etc – anyone offer to make us something?
· Kids games – we have 2 people from The Yorkshire Arboretum doing some crafts for the kids but how about apple bobbing or other apple related games – anyone volunteer to run this area of activity – this is the most important area in which we need help
· We have awnings from David Banks and Jem Charles – anyone else got one and anyone volunteer to help move furniture from hall to green from about 1pm?
· Anyone got a stash of home brew cider they could donate a few bottles of – the Morris men (x12) are to be paid in cider and food – we will need to buy otherwise as I have ot been able to get any donations
· Raffle prizes – apple related if possible
· General helpers needed to sell raffle tickets etc
· Power – we need to make sure this is working and secure after the Easter experience

Schedule for the day – we will decide day before if we are outside or in depending on weather forecast
· set up hall/green depending on weather including power and awnings – power from the Burns/awnings from Jem and David
· move furniture from hall to set up on green – food awning, craft awning. Apple tasting table, games area
· collect food from Fletchers – Sarah C
· collect apples for tasting from Hillary NFG - Liz
· tree walk starts from the church hosted by Alison Hewitt and curated by Hilary from the Northern Fruit group – Alison preparing maps and taking donations/entry
· Minster Strays Morris Side arrive to set up - Gez
· Yorkshire Arboretum – Kathryn arrive to set up
· Gazette photographer tbc
· Events starts and walkers join as they finish
· Apple Pressing – bring own apples and containers and use the presses
· Games for kids
· Yorkshire Arboretum Kids Crafts - Kathryn
· Apple identification and tasting - Northern Fruit Group/Hilary
· Food and refreshments and cake stall – Fletchers of Norton Hot Pulled Pork and Apple rolls and Apple Tarts
· Raffle with star prize – voucher for fruit tree from Rogers Nursery
· Donation buckets available – no entry fee, revenue to be made on raffle, refreshments, raffle and donations
· Minster Strays sets perform as follows (and are given cider and refreshments between as required)
• 2.30-2.50 – 20 mins
• 3.15- 3.35 – 20 min
• 4.00-4.20 – 20 min

· Event ends /clear up

Thanks a million

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Sunday 6 September 2015

Don't Forget - Quiz Night Saturday 19th September 2015

Don't forget Quiz Night is coming up on Saturday 19th September

7pm start, first question at 7.30pm

BYO  drink

Lamb and Chick Pea Curry
Spinach and Potato  Curry
Peach Tart and Ice Cream
Rhubarb and Gooseberry Crumble

Please order food by email to Liz -  sign up by Thur 17th so we can cater for numbers correctly.

Teams of up to 6 people but if you don't have a full team we can join people up when you arrive.


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Car Vandalism in Low Hutton

From Lesley Seeger  via email:

During the last year my car has been vandalised with scratches and superglue.

The rubber window surround has been pulled outand the back window smashed.

I thought people should be aware if they are parking their cars there and also might be able to shed some light on the problem.

A report has been made to the police so we can monitor the situation.
 (So watch out if you park down by the railway bridge in Low Hutton and if you spot any untoward activity, call the police!)

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