Wednesday 9 February 2022

Plant Sale in aid of St Margaret's Church - Huttons Ambo Village Hall - Saturday 7th May



Saturday 7th May

11am - 3pm 

In the village Hall in aid of St Margaret’s Church and the Village Hall

A huge selection of plants

Bacon butties, soup and delicious cakes

And teas and coffees.

Any donations of plants and cakes for the sale gratefully received.

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'A Suitable Demise' - Debut Novel by Huttons Ambo Author Andy Clarke

Published on 12th January 2022 a debut novel, 'A Suitable Demise' by Andy Clark, is available to order and purchase at Kemps Bookshop, Malton, Waterstones or is available, as ebook and paperback, on Amazon to purchase now. 

 Andy lives in Huttons Ambo. A Suitable Demise, is crime fiction and is inspired from his experiences in nursing and policing and by his gained insights into human nature.

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Huttons Ambo Parish Council - Minutes of Meeting Wednesday 19th January 2022




Wednesday, January 19th 2022 at 7.30pm






1      Welcome, Councillors present, apologies for absence

a.    Andy Dorman (Chair), Philip Barraclough, Simon Lealman, Emma Samuel & Anne Lealman (Clerk)


2      Approval of Minutes of meeting on 17 November 2021 – approved with minor wording amendments as per email from Andy Dorman. Electronic signature to be added as approval


3      Matters arising:


a.    Pot Holes – Simon to report via the portal –

                                               i.     Outside Howe Cottage vehicle entrance.

                                             ii.     Pot hole on the Low Lane near the clearway and hedge

                                           iii.     Another one 20-30 yards further towards the low village

                                           iv.     The Rise Cul de Sac Low Hutton

                                             v.     Outside R Green House – road seems to be sinking – advice needed

                                           vi.     Watch the pot hole outside the vicarage house, not currently meeting the criteria for repair

b.    Simon also to chase the white lines missing in the village since the recent chipping last summer, Buck Lane, Netherby Lane, Water Lane


c.    Gritting Policy

                                               i.     Bus routes are covered by NYCC Highways as advertised by the weather stations.

                                             ii.     The two salt bins in the village with shovels and hi-vis jackets

                                           iii.     Philip to discuss location of a potential grit bin with Richard and if a suitable location can be source, Andy to arrange installation once a site is identified


d.    Information Boards – Simon brought an A2 sized map to the meeting showing footpaths and bridleways. Parish Boundary and a small display of neighbouring villages.


Simon to go back to NYCC and ask for a bigger copy with enhanced colour at A0 size.

                                               i.     More contrast of colours as if in the sun, the current format would soon fade.

                                             ii.     Ask Raymac if they can enhance the colour of the boundary and inside the boundary and leave the outside areas subtle.

                                           iii.     Title across the top left, information notes for each of the items

                                           iv.     Philip to write something about the hall/church

                                             v.     QR code to have on the maps – how to create one, what does it link to? Andy to speak to Philip Stone about adding a new tab to including links to relevant websites within the village website

                                           vi.     Once happy pass to Sarah Banks for final edit


e.    Grass/Kerbs & Work for Danny

                                               i.     Andy spoken to Danny re the village path edges and a reminder to cut/edge these to widen and make safer

                                             ii.     Danny expecting his new mower shortly

                                           iii.     Hourly rate is to be increased to £15.00 per hour from 1st January 2022. Do the PC approve the increase in hourly rate? Yes unanimously approved


4      New Matters:


5      Planning:


6      Finance:


a.    Banking update – money ringfenced for approved spend of £1300.00. Estimated balance on the PC bank account at 31/3/2021 is £6500


7      Any Other Business


Recycling pick up at 06:35am, no notice to residents, many missed the collection due to the sudden change of time. Lots of villagers complained to RDC.


Northern Powergrid requesting permission from the Parish Council to allow them to dig up the footpath from The Redings gateway to the front of The Rise to allow for upgraded electricity supply to this property. Wayleave from NYCC state it is the Parish Council as it is the Parish Council as it is classed at the village green. Anne to write a letter stating the Parish Council are happy for the excavation and that the path is to be restored to its orginal state. Andy to sign the letter.


TPO at The Redings Low Hutton. All disappointed that a tree surgeon had not been asked to report on the state of the tree prior to TPO being approved. The PC felt the tree needed some work to make sure it was fit and healthy for the future.


Headed Paper for PC approved for use. 


8      Date of next Meeting

Wednesday 16th March 2022 at 7:30pm



Anne Lealman- Clerk to the Parish Council

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