Friday 20 March 2015


The Parish Council has been asked for comment on these applications from Ray Chapman Motors, York Road Industrial Estate, by the 6th of April 2015.

The applications are for alterations to layout, signage and facades.

Details can be found at and entering the reference(s) above, or by visiting Ryedale House.

If you'd like to comment please contact one of your Councillors or Ryedale District Council.

Jem Charles, Clerk to Huttons Ambo Parish Council

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Solar Eclipse 2015

Solar Eclipse March 20th 2015, from High Hutton, Huttons Ambo

 Well one minute it was cloudy, the next clear, but in the end the weather cooperated just enough to give a dramatic view of the 2015 eclipse through broken cloud.

A close up view:

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Thursday 19 March 2015




1.       Present & Apologies Cllrs. Andy Dorman, Jessie Garnett, Richard Green & Simon Lealman, and Clerk, Jem Charles were present.  Cllr. Maggie Stone sent apologies.  The Chairman announced that Maggie had decided not to stand for re-election and thanked her for her many years of service on the Council.

2.       Minutes of the January meeting were approved and signed as being a true record.

3.       Matters Arising
a) Parish Community Plan
Andy reported that a draft had been prepared and was to be discussed by the project group at an imminent meeting.  Thereafter it will be printed and distributed.
b) Public Rights of Way condition survey
The report of the inspection of Bridleway No. 1 had been received and the issue of the locked gateway has been resolved.
c) Malton & Norton Joint Neighbourhood Plan
No further progress has been made as there are issues to be resolved about the nature and timing of the Plan between Malton and Norton Town Councils.
d) Storage of Parish Council Documents.
These have not yet been moved back into the Village Hall pending progress on building works for improvements to the Hall kitchen.

4.       New Matters
a) Parish Council Elections – May 7th
Those Councillors willing to stand for re-election have completed nomination papers.  One other member of the Community has indicated a willingness to stand.  Nominations close on Thursday 9th April 2015.
b) Yorkshire Derwent Catchment Partnership
Jem explained the initiative to encourage communities, businesses, agencies and authorities to consider the impact of activities on the river catchment environment.  He has completed and submitted the questionnaire and asked to be kept informed.
c) Commons Act 2006
Jem explained that the Act allows the opportunity to update the register of common land to incorporate changes since 1970.  Jem undertook to investigate whether any action is necessary in regard to the Village Green in order to protect its status.
d) Salt Bins
          NYCC have proposed limiting the number of bins/heaps to be re-filled to four.  It was agreed that the location of those proposed to be re-filled was not ideal.  Andy will request that locations proposed by the Parish Council should be maintained instead.

5.       Planning
a) Ian Brown Tyres
Jem has written supporting the application but asking that the trees along York Road be preserved.

6.       Finance
a) Budget Progress
Jem presented income/expenditure data, in period and to date and the position is satisfactory.

7.       Any Other Business
a) Transparency Code for Smaller Councils
End of year financial reporting will no longer be subject to external audit but figures will need to be made available to the community.  Jem will try to ascertain the timetable by which these changes are to take effect.
b) Leader Programme
The North York Moors, Hills and Coast bid has been successful and £2.3 million grant funding will be available.  No current projects or plans in the Parish are thought to meet the funding objectives.
c) Potholes at Low Lane End
NYCC Highways Dept. have stated that responsibility lies with the Highways Agency.  Jem will write to request that the necessary repairs are carried out.

10.     Date of Next meeting(s)
13th May at 7.00 for the Annual Meeting and 7.30 for the Parish Council meeting and, provisionally, 8th July at 7.30.

Jem Charles, Clerk to the Parish Council

Signed:…………………………………………….(Andy Dorman, Chairman)

Date: ……………………………..

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Sunday 15 March 2015

Solar Eclipse - Friday March 20th, 2015

An eclipsed crescent sun rises over Malton during the May 2003 eclipse

 This coming Friday (20th march 2015), we have a unique chance to see a spectacular partial eclipse of the sun - weather permitting of course.

When will it start?
Starting at 828 am the moon will start to take a bite out of the suns disk and by 934 am the sun will have shrunk to a narrow crescent, leaving just 10% of the sun visible - even less than in the picture above, which shows a crescent sun from an eclipse in 2003.

In fact from Huttons Ambo the sun will be fractionally more obscured than in the famous 1999 eclipse, which was total in parts of Cornwall.

After 934 am the moon will start to leave the suns disk and everything will be back to normal at 1043am.

How can I view it?
The safest way is to make a simple pinhole camera - make a hole in a piece of card or paper and stick it to a window. The hole in the card will cast an image of the suns disk and you will see the disk gradually turn into a crescent as the moon starts to obscure the sun - project the image onto a piece of paper to make it brighter.

Don't, under any circumstances, look directly at the sun, either with your naked eyes or with binoculars or a telescope, you will permanently lose your sight.

Will it get dark?
No, but it will get noticeably gloomy as the light levels drop and you might find the temperature falls as well. During the 1999 partial eclipse the change in light level was very noticeable and insects and birds stopped flying as the temperature dropped.

 You can find about some other safe ways of observing the eclipse here:

And there is a good animation of the eclipse here: but you'll need to find the tag for York on the map and click on it to see the animation

Let's hope for decent weather!

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Thursday 5 March 2015

11th of March 2015
7.30 pm in the Village Hall


1        Welcome, Councillors present, Apologies for Absence

2        Approval of Minutes

3        Matters Arising
a)   Parish Community Plan
b)   Gateway on Bridleway No 1 (Musley bank)
c)   Malton & Norton Joint Neighbourhood Plan
d)   Storage of Council documents

4        New matters:
a)   Parish Council Election May 7th
b)   Yorkshire Derwent Catchment Partnership
c)   Commons Act 2006
d)   Salt bins

5        Planning:
a)   Ian Brown Tyres

6        Finance:      
a)    Budget progress

7        Any Other Business:

8        Date of next Meeting

  Provisionally 13th May 2015 at 7.30pm preceded by Annual Meeting at 7.00pm.

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