Sunday, 20 September 2015

Apple Day - October 17th - Can You Help?

Dear All

Our next hall refurbishment fundraiser is our Apple Day on October 17th.

Below is the schedule for the day.

Here is a note of the things we still need help with – please let me know if you can help
(call 07968 981296)

· Apples presses – has anyone got one they could let us borrow and can anyone volunteer to run a pressing station? – Posters invite people to bring their own apples and containers.
· Cakes and Apple treats – we have hot pulled pork and apple rolls and large apple tarts from Fletchers - we need more cakes and treats to sell – baked apples, toffee apples etc – anyone offer to make us something?
· Kids games – we have 2 people from The Yorkshire Arboretum doing some crafts for the kids but how about apple bobbing or other apple related games – anyone volunteer to run this area of activity – this is the most important area in which we need help
· We have awnings from David Banks and Jem Charles – anyone else got one and anyone volunteer to help move furniture from hall to green from about 1pm?
· Anyone got a stash of home brew cider they could donate a few bottles of – the Morris men (x12) are to be paid in cider and food – we will need to buy otherwise as I have ot been able to get any donations
· Raffle prizes – apple related if possible
· General helpers needed to sell raffle tickets etc
· Power – we need to make sure this is working and secure after the Easter experience

Schedule for the day – we will decide day before if we are outside or in depending on weather forecast
· set up hall/green depending on weather including power and awnings – power from the Burns/awnings from Jem and David
· move furniture from hall to set up on green – food awning, craft awning. Apple tasting table, games area
· collect food from Fletchers – Sarah C
· collect apples for tasting from Hillary NFG - Liz
· tree walk starts from the church hosted by Alison Hewitt and curated by Hilary from the Northern Fruit group – Alison preparing maps and taking donations/entry
· Minster Strays Morris Side arrive to set up - Gez
· Yorkshire Arboretum – Kathryn arrive to set up
· Gazette photographer tbc
· Events starts and walkers join as they finish
· Apple Pressing – bring own apples and containers and use the presses
· Games for kids
· Yorkshire Arboretum Kids Crafts - Kathryn
· Apple identification and tasting - Northern Fruit Group/Hilary
· Food and refreshments and cake stall – Fletchers of Norton Hot Pulled Pork and Apple rolls and Apple Tarts
· Raffle with star prize – voucher for fruit tree from Rogers Nursery
· Donation buckets available – no entry fee, revenue to be made on raffle, refreshments, raffle and donations
· Minster Strays sets perform as follows (and are given cider and refreshments between as required)
• 2.30-2.50 – 20 mins
• 3.15- 3.35 – 20 min
• 4.00-4.20 – 20 min

· Event ends /clear up

Thanks a million

© 2015

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