Monday 13 July 2020

Church Services

Church Services

There is now good news in that we are allowed to hold ‘specially distanced’ services in the Church.

However, services of Holy Communion are not yet authorised by the Diocese and, when they are, probably only the celebrant will be permitted to partake of the host. It would seem that Communion for a whole congregation is a long way from being officially sanctioned and presumably not until the full implications of Covid-19 are known.

Canon Bob Rogers has let it be known that at present he only wishes to take Eucharist services.

It is therefore planned to hold a lay led service of Matins on Sunday 19th July at 10am, we hope that as many as possible will come to support ‘our new start’.

We shall have to take sensible precautions on 19th July as follows:

  • No singing (although we hope Michael Sessions will play the tunes of those hymn we might have sung)
  • Everybody will have to observe social distancing in Church;
  • Use hand sanitiser on arrival
  • Use of prayer/hymn books on a strictly controlled basis (to be explained on the day)
  • Collection centrally by the door
  • Doors left open during the service

Finally we shall be dependent upon Alison Hutchinson and our own three lay service takers to take our services. We would ask Simon and Juliet to confirm their agreement to continuing.

Plans are being made for the future pattern of services in the Benefice. It is hoped that we shall have two services a month in our Church – in all probability the first and third Sundays – usually lay led, although it is to be hoped that there will be a Communion service in one of the Benefice churches each Sunday. All to be confirmed in due course.

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