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Huttons Ambo Parish History Group - Minutes of Meeting 29th November 2018

Minutes of Huttons Ambo Parish History Group meeting held on Thursday  29TH November 2018
Present at meeting
Philip Barraclough (PB),  Pam Taylor,  Rona Charles, Joyce Parker (JP), and Diane Savage (DS) Andy Doorman (AD) Andy Jackson (AD)
1. Apologies for Absence
Denise Doggett, Ann Sanders  and Alan Sanders
2. The Exhibition
PB stated that he felt that January was the wrong time of year to hold the exhibition for several reasons but particularly because of the weather
The meeting agreed that the Exhibition should be postponed until the spring.
PB reported the Susan Milward had a considerable number of objects photographs etc that she would be prepared to copy and or lend for the exhibition.
3. Discussion
PB stated the Group had focussed too much on the Exhibition and had lost sight of the wider aims of the group which had been set out in the first meeting last year.
The group discussed the origins of the village and PB said he would produce a  version of the parish up to the Medieval Period using the available sources.
JP produced a map of the Low village which she had begun annotating with various pieces of data – such as occupation and building history. It was agreed that this was a basis for further work and that RC would try and obtain a large scale map for the whole parish as master map for this project.
The group and agreed to organise a number of history walks through the village in the summer.
The Group also discussed the possibility of undertaking some archaeological work in the village. SM was happy for some work to be done in the field immediately behind the Station Cottages. RC pointed out that this would need to be professionally supervised and that consent of the County Archaeologist would be required.

5. Date of Next Meeting
The next meeting is on Thursday 31st January in the Village Hall at 7pm.


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