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19th NOVEMBER 2018

1.         Welcome, Councillors present & Apologies
David Banks (Chairman) welcomed Cllrs. Andy Dorman, Richard Kershaw and Simon Lealman and, particularly Philip Barraclough to his first meeting as Councillor. He also welcomed two members of the public.

2.         Approval of Minutes
a)  Minutes of the July meeting were approved and signed as being a true record.
b)  Minutes of the Annual Meeting were also approved and signed.

3.         Matters Considered in advance
a)  30 mph speed limit
David has written again but still has yet to hear from NYCC Highways
b)  Footpath railing
Andy & Simon reported that they have repaired the railing beside Grange Farm.
c)  Council thanks to Village maintenance volunteers
Jem will write to the many members of the community who give of their time to help maintain the appearance and special nature of the village.
d)  RDC “Don’t be a waster” campaign
Agreed that promotion will continue by posting copies of posters considered appropriate.
e)  RDC Chairman’s charity appeal
Agreed not to donate but to review later in the financial year
f)   Monitoring of PRoW
Volunteers have identified a few issues that Rona will refer to NYCC as well as a number of minor ones that can be dealt with locally.  She will draft letters for the PC to send to landowners/managers.
g)  Tree inspections
Agreed that trees on the village green should be subject to biennial inspections and recommended safety work carried out.  Jem will identify 2 or more professionally qualified inspectors and obtain quotes.
h)  Parking & speeding – the Helmsley example
Agreed that surveillance and reporting would not be appropriate.

4.         New Matters
a)   Impact of York Road Enterprise Park on traffic at Low Lane End
Agreed this is a road safety issue, not necessarily resulting from any particular development.  Jem will write to Highways England and NYCC Highways, with copies to RDC planning, Kevin Hollinrake and Caroline Goodrick.
b)   PC comments to RDC planning
Agreed that representation about lack of recognition of PC comments not necessary
c)   Fracking exploration – proposed changes to planning regulations     
In the absence of an opportunity to discuss in Council in September, David had decided that no representation needed to be made as NYCC had been informed of the results of the village consultation.
d)  Councillors’ e-mail
Jem explained that response times to explicit queries were highly variable.  It was not considered that a fixed period should be set for responses but Councillors agreed to try to respond in a reasonable time.  Jem will annotate the subject line of e-mails requiring responses as appropriate.
e)  Other village maintenance
                      i.        Jem will ask Mark to clear the pavement edge between High & Low Hutton
                     ii.        Andy will confirm to Graham Milner that he can arrange for clearance of the culvert by the Swing Bridge and restoration of the grip below the railway embankment
f)   A64 Safety Action Group
Andy & Simon reported on the meeting with Highways England.  Unlit refuges in the centre of the carriageway at Welburn and Crambeck bus stops were proposed as well as road widening to accommodate the West bound bus stop at Crambeck.  The possibility of low-level kerbside pedestrian lighting would be considered.
g)  Broadband
An Openreach surveyor working in the Parish had been approached by a n umber of people.  There is a possibility that a fibre connection, possibly to each property, during 2019.  No information has been made available by Openreach or NYNet.
h)  War Memorial
The name Mark Armstrong, born in Huttons Ambo, has been noted in records in Belgium.  David will research whether his sacrifice is recorded elsewhere, or if his name should be commemorated on the HA memorial.  Sharon Jackson offered to assist.

5.         Planning
a) Extension at No.3 Station Cottages
b)  Old Methodist Chapel
Awaiting determination.  Parish Council had supported approval but had suggested some amendments to reduce infringement of neighbours’ privacy.
c)  Business Units at York Rd. Enterprise Park
Jem will write to object concerning proposed development on agreed landscape screening fringe.

6.         Finance
a)  Budget progress
The report to 31st October was considered to show that the position was satisfactory.  Jem pointed out that it was likely that funds would be available for other worthwhile works.  Councillors will endeavour to identify suitable projects.

7.         Any Other Business

9.         Date of Next meetings
Tuesday 15th January 2019 and, provisionally, 19th of March 2019 at 7.30pm.

Jem Charles, Clerk to the Parish Council


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