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Rennison/Renneson/Rennoldson Family History - Can you Help?

Can you help Allan Taylor trace his family history?

Allan, who lives in New Zealand, sent me an email asking for any information on the Rennison family.

If you can help, drop me a line on and I'll pass any information on to Allan.

Philip Stone


My distant ancestor, Henry Rennison lived in Hutton's Ambo where he was a blacksmith - as was his son Thomas. I have set out what little I know of Henry in the attached notes.

I do not know whether there are any Rennison descendants still in the parish or whether there is any evidence of the blacksmith premises - or even any evidence of Henry and his family for that matter.

However, your subscribers may be interested that there are descendants of a former parish family now living 12,000 miles away here In New Zealand and should anyone wish to contact me I would be very pleased to hear from them.

Many thanks for the delightful web site and pictures of the villages.


Allan Taylor



Henry RENNISON (various spellings) was the father of seven children christened: 

Elizabeth 22/1/1757 (Catton near York), Wilm. 14/9/1758 (Askham Richard), John (REYNOLDS) 21/9/1761, Henry 20/2/1763, Mary 2/12/1764 (all Birdsall), Thomas (RENNOLDSON) 31/8/1766, Sarah (RENESON) 20/8/1776 (both Huttons Ambo).

William’s christening from ARPR was:

1758 Baptiz'd Wil Son of Henv Rennison Sep - 14 
Henry had a brother Thomas christened 4/10/1747 who may be he of the following Parish of Catton near York events:

RENNISON, Thos M Eliz. MOOR 21/10/1767
RENNISON, Mary C Thos. RENNISON 21/5/1768

Henry may have left Askham Richard ten or more years before his father’s death which may indicate the limited availability of work and no immediate prospect of inheriting family land or other assets. He was a blacksmith and maintained a connection with his Askham Richard family as a 1787 document from a paper of the PALMES family of Naburn shows. His father, John, died in 1781 and his mother, Ann, lived until 1790. The land was in Naburn and may have been John’s entitlement to vote in 1741:

19 - 20 September 1787: Lease and Release: for £84: Henry Rennison of Hutton Ambo blacksmith (heir of John Rennison) and Ann Rennison of Askham Richard widow of J.R. to John Hay of York merchant

The Henry RENNISON family remained in Huttons Ambo as the following events imply:

RENESON, Elizabeth M Benjamin HOCKS 27/2/1777 Huttons Ambo
RENNISN, Mary M Robert CHAMBERLAIN 2/5/1784 Ravenstonedale
RENISON, Henry M Judith CARLETON 20/2/1797 Huttons Ambo
RENNISON, Thomas M Christiania WINKUP 6/12/1802 Leeds

The 1777 Elizabeth was probably the Elizabeth christened in Catton near York Parish. The 1784 Mary married in Ravenstonedale, Westmoreland – see below. The 1797 Henry was probably the Henry christened in Birdsall Parish. Although Thomas married in the Parish of Leeds, Saint Peter, it is evident that he lived in Huttons Ambo Parish from early in his marriage – see RENNISON – PULFERD and RENNISON – THACKERAY.

In 1801 the population of Huttons Ambo was 390 and in 1823 445. White’s Directory of Professions and Trades of 1840 lists Thos Rennison as a smith i.e. a blacksmith - also the occupation of his father Henry RENNISON and of Joseph RENNISON in Great Driffield.

No Henry RENNISON marriage has been found prior to a first child christened 22/1/1757.  Henry RAWLINSON and Tamar BYWATER married in 1756 in the Parish of St. Peter, Leeds and may have been of the parents of the 1757 to 1766 or 1776 children. Leeds is about 15 miles south-west of Askham Richard. RAWLINSON is phonetically close to RENNISON and no children of Henry RAWLINSON (and Tamar) have been found. 

St Peter, Leeds, Marriage 1756 Oct.10. Henry Rawlinson & Tamar Bywater. Witns. Jas Heartley, John Hall. 
St. Peter's Church (the Parish Church), Leeds and the Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Hunslet
A researcher states that Tamar was of Birstall, about 6 miles south-west of the centre of Leeds. As Tamar ROPER she married Joshua BYWATER 19 September, 1748 in St. Peter, Leeds Parish where Joshua had earlier married Eliz. CALVERLEY 19/6/1743. Joshua was buried at Hunslet Chapelry, Leeds 16/2/1755 - a researcher recorded his wife as Tamar ROPER. His father was a Yeoman.

Joshua christened 5/6/1745 in Hunslet Chapelry, Leeds, was the son of Jos. BYWATER. Joshua junior probably married in 1765 in the Parish of Kirkby Wharf (about 30 miles south of Huttons Ambo). Children christened in Kirkby Wharf Parish were Mary 11/5/1766, Sarah 14/9/1768, Tamar 27/2/1771, Joshua 29/4/1775; the latter two clearly named after their step-grandmother and grandfather.

Mary Renison was born 2 December 1764 at Birdsall, Yorkshire, daughter of Henry Renison. Mary married Robert Chamberlain and a daughter Elizabeth Chamberlain was born 21 Oct 1792 at Ravenstonedale, Westmorland.

Elizabeth married John Robinson and a daughter Elizabeth Robinson was born 1823, died 28 Feb 1896. Elizabeth Robinson married James Boyle, son of James Boyle and Olive Platt. She was a servant in her future husband's household.

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