Thursday 4 July 2013

A Summer Evening Stroll

It's been while since we've had a picture post on the Huttons Ambo website so I thought I'd share some pictures from a short evening's stroll.

Incidentally if you'd like to share any of your own pictures on the website, just email them in to . You don't need a fancy camera, some of the pictures posted on the site this year were taken with a smart phone camera and I challenge you to figure out which ones they are.

Don't forget that you can click on any of these pictures to see a bigger version.

Wild honeysuckle in the hedgerow  (click to enlarge)
I think there are some notable differences in the wild flowers this year. Although 2013 seems to have been an excellent year for tree blossom, I don't think the cow parsley has been as prolific as last year.

Back lit cow parsley (click to enlarge)

Also noticeable last year were elder flowers, the hedgerows were smothered in flowers, but this year they are quite a bit sparser.
Elder flowers on Rake Lane  (click to enlarge)

Ash tree,a study in light and shade (click to enlarge)

Back in May, we looked at the business of potato sowing seed potatoes in Planting By Numbers. I took a little detour to check on the progress of the plants and here is the result, a sea of potato plants from St Andrew's Fields down to Grange Farm.
Scientifically planted potatoes (click to enlarge) 

You don't need sweeping vistas or exotic plants to make a decent picture, these humble nettles are turned into glowing spires by a beam of evening sunlight on Rake Lane
Glowing nettles, Rake Lane (click to enlarge)

Near Grange Farm there is an entrance to a field that I've always found appealing, it has lovely rustic look that I've yet to successfully capture with the camera.
Entrance to field, Grange Farm (click to enlarge)

It seems an age ago, but in April, in Field of Beans we saw Richard Wainwright planting beans by night. Here is the result, wall to wall bean plants in Coach Fields, already in flower.
Field of beans (click to enlarge)

We've seen wild flowers and cultivated crops,so we'll end with some garden plants allowed to run wild, with wonderful results: Valerian growing out of a wall.

Valerian, High Hutton (click to enlarge)
I hope you've enjoyed this little collection of snapshots and they'll inspire you to get your camera out and take some pictures. And if you do, why not send them in? We'd love to see them!

All material © Philip Stone 2013

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