Thursday 25 July 2013

North Yorkshire LEADER Programme - Huttons Ambo Parish Council

In 2011 Huttons Ambo Parish Council was successful with a bid for LEADER funding to enable us to have extra work done to improve the condition of our footpaths.

There have been many pleasing comments about the improvement that this work has brought about.

Unfortunately, this funding is coming to an end in September 2013 but we hope that the improvements will  still be visible when the extra work is no longer taking place (we have no moss on the footpaths and far fewer weeds and overhanging growth).

It is unlikely that we will be able to afford to fund this work from the precept(*) but we would be pleased to receive suggestions as to how we might be able to maintain the improvements.

by Andy Dorman

* Editor's note: the precept is the portion of your Council Tax which is allocated for funding your Parish Council.

Find out more about the LEADER programme here.

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