Tuesday 9 April 2024

Huttons Ambo Parish Council - Minutes for November 2023 Meeting




Wednesday, November 22nd at 7:30pm 





  1. Welcome, Councillors present, apologies for absence 

  1. Clare Messer, Philip Barraclough, Alan Sanders, Andy Dorman, Simon Lealman & Anne Lealman (Clerk) 

  1. Guest: Graham Milner 

  1. Emma Samuel did not attend and apologies received.  

  1. Approval of Minutes of meeting on 19th July 2023 – minutes approved digital signature to be added and uploaded to the website 


  1. Matters arising: 


  1. Notice boards update – AD & SL – Frames are ready and ready for installation, AD& SL are finding a dry day to install theseHopefully Friday 24h November 23. The boards are just awiting confirmation from the printers to let us know when they are ready 

  1. Gardening Plan for 2024 – Danny & HAM all agree to HAM taking on A64 corridor for grass cutting. All agree that  Danny is to cut the footpath near the village hall, both lane ends as and when requested. Grass cutting 7/8 times a year subject to weather. ALL Hedges are not PC owned 

  1. Parish Precept ALL agreed to request £3250 

  1. Dog Poo Bag update CM & AD Dog Poo bagsagreed to buy the rolls and try them. AL to progressUpdate 24.11.23 2 bags have arrived so will be tried in the dispensers, and if they fit AL will order more 

  1. Trees on the Green update SL – David Bayes came and gave us a report, report shared with PC and all agreed to action the report as recommended. All works carried out 9/11/23. Interest for future works PC should get quotes form Joe Waites Tree Surgeon too, just to make sure that the PC is getting best value for money. 

  1. Heavy rain and effects on the village – AS The Parish council wants to pass on their sincere thanks to Richard and the estate for the excellent clean up job after the heavy rains of late. AS is going to speak to Richard to see if they can come up with an short term solutions if we get rain like that again. 

  1. Polling District Review ALL We maintained our independence in Huttons Ambo so no comments from the parish 


  1. New Matters: 

  1. Dates for 2024 PC Meetings 

  1. Feb 20th, May 15th, July 17th, Sept 18th & Nov 20th 2024. 


  1. Planning:  




  1. Finance: 

  1. Balance at 30 October 2023 is £12,204.39 

  1. Ringfenced Funds of £300.00 

  1. Committed spend  

  1. £210 Danny Pickering Grass Cutting 

  1. £2112.00 Tree Works 

  1. £25 1000 poo bags 

  1. Balance as of now is £9,857.39 


  1. Any Other Business 

  • AL to contact Susan Milward re details to give to Fungi lady – Claire Bending Update 24/11/23 Susan M has made contact with Clare Bending 

  • Street Cleaning of the fallen leavesto be requested and ask for footpath to be included as it is a dropped curb to make it part of the highway – SL to progress 

  • Drains are full with silt and leaves – SL to progress 

  • Street Cleaning of mud slide and after road closure of A64 – has been actioned by RDC 



  1. Date of next Meeting 


Wednesday 7th February 2024 at 7:30pm 


Anne Lealman- Clerk to the Parish Council 
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