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Produce Show Information - 17th August 2019

Village show information

Guidance for Entrants of the Village Show

The show does not follow Women’s Institute Rules. We are very lucky to have had the services for several years of the same Judges. From time to time we have new Judges for particular categories. All Judges kindly give of their time for free.

All of our Judges are keen to encourage first time entrants and children can enter any category with the exception of 64,65,66 and 68.
Sadly adults cannot enter 80 to 92.

Guidance in how to present vegetables and fruits in 1-26 and 27-45 is detailed in the show leaflet.

Guidance for the flower arrangements,46 to 51 is not to have any oasis on show. Men are welcome to enter.

Guidance for produce 52 to 63 is:
Fruit loaf -recipes for cakes such as Tea Brack, Yorkshire Barm Brack, Irish Brack, or Fruit Brack -are all acceptable and can be found on the internet.

Lattice Apple tart -This should be round and in a dish.

Madeira cake – can be round or loaf shaped 
Cherry Scones – These should be individual scones and can be plain or have fluted edges.

Fudge-Instruction from the Judge is to be adventurous with your flavours !!!!!.

For Categories 58-60 only one jar per entrant please.

Don’t forget all ages can enter and with the exception of 58-60 you can make more than one entry in each category.

The most important thing to remember is that the Show is for fun and to celebrate the spirit of living in a Village community.

Please drop off entries between 9am and 12.30. 10p for every entry by an adult, children entries are free.

Judging between 1pm and 3.30. Doors open 4pm.

Admission to the show 50p per Adult Children free. 
Cups and prizes awarded at 5pm.Raffle afterwards.

Donations for Raffle prizes most welcome. Please leave donations at Herbies. 
Any questions or queries please feel free to contact me on:


Cake and refreshments available from 4pm to eat in or take-way.

Extra leaflets available at Herbies of in the village phone boxes or by email on request.

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