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Notes of the Huttons Ambo History Group - Thursday 26th July 2018

Notes of the Huttons Ambo History Group 
Thursday 26th July 2018 
Village Hall,Huttons Ambo 

Philip Barraclough  (PB) 
Pamela Taylor  (PT) 
Susan Milward  (SW) 
Martin Monkman  (MM) 
Joyce Parker  (JP) 
Rona Charles  (RC) 
Carole Haigh  (CH) 
Denise Barraclough (DB)  

Sam Milson (SM) Michael Sessions MS) Andy Doorman (AD)  Ann Sanders 

Village Hall Exhibition  

PB passed around  the proposed questionnaire  for the exhibition – which was agreed with a few amendments. 

A date in September 2018  had initially been proposed for the exhibition but the group concluded that the a date could only be set after seeing the results of the questionnaire . 
It was agreed that the questionnaire would be circulated as part of the August Village bulletin.  

Action – DB to follow up with the Hall Committee if this could be provided free with any income from teas and coffees donated to the Hall fund.  

Follow up of information held by the Starkey Estate  
Andy Dorman (AD) had made contact with Claire Jenyns , AD may also contact Nick Woodhead who is a Trustee of the estate.  
Action – AD  

Other Sources of information  

CH suggested contacting York University via Kate Giles who is a member of the Archaeology Department  and was until recently a resident of the village.   

Action – PB to follow up the contact with York University 

RC stated that historic maps are kept at County Hall and would be a valuable source of information. 

PT suggested checking with Malton Library to see what Local History records they hold. 

It was also suggested advertising the Exhibition and a request for information in the Malton Gazette and  on  Local  Radio. 

Sources of  Funding  

RC had been exploring possible funding options in particular to  facilitate the scanning, photographing and storage of records that may be made available.  
The Heritage Lottery fund was suggested as a possible source. 
It was identified that this would require a properly formed committee and bank account.  
Other options  suggested 

  • Howardian hills community support  
  • Ryedale Folk Museum – look at possibility of a joint project  

Action 1- DD to follow up with Hall Committee to see if application could be made via their existing structure.  
Action Completed – DD spoke to Richard  Green of the Hall Committee  who has confirmed that they would be able to convene the existing Hall Committee and use their structure for the purposes of grant applications.  

Action 2 – PB to contact Heritage Lottery for funding options  

Any Other Business  
  • PB is doing a one day course in taking oral history 
  • RC reported that Ann Sanders (AS)  had looked into the possibility of safe storage for the archive gathered . AS has established that in addition to the expense the actual weight of any storage cupboard would also be unsuitable due to its weight and therefore impractical. 
  • The group discussed how some people who had been gifted or had received village archives felt the weight of responsibility for the safe keeping of the information or objects. It was hoped that the group could share some of the responsibility 

Prioritising Objectives 
The group agreed to the following order of priority of objectives : 
  1. Identifying really valuable photographs and documents  
  1. Creating a general catalogue of items  
  1. Holding an Exhibition  

Time and date of Next Meeting – Thursday 6th September  at 7pm in Village Hall  
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