Friday 21 July 2017



1.         Welcome, Councillors present & Apologies
Richard Green (Chairman) welcomed Cllrs. Andy Dorman, Jessie Garnett, and Simon Lealman, and Clerk, Jem Charles.  He also welcomed Bridget Skaife, Community Officer, RDC and Michael Cleary, District Councillor, Derwent Ward.

2.         Approval of Minutes
Minutes of the May meeting were approved and signed as being a true record.

3.         Matters Arising
a)  A64 junctions
Richard reported that he had not followed this up because of the elections.  Simon confirmed that both junctions have a short stretch of highway officially designated as “In dispute”.  It was agreed that Simon will make a formal request to the Land Charges Registry for a statement of the legal position regarding these two parcels.  Bridget Skaife offered to search the Land Registry to check the recorded status.  Richard thanked her and accepted.
Richard will re-engage with Kevin Hollinrake MP and contact Caroline Goodrick, new NYCC Councillor, to seek their support.
b)  Potholes at The Rise and elsewhere
Jem had thanked NYCC Highways.
c)  Mobile Post Office
Jem reported that there have been no further developments and that the problem appeared to be lack of commitment on behalf of Post Office Counters Ltd.  Jem will re-establish contact with our MP to seek further assistance.
d)  Net covers for kerbside recycling boxes
Jem has acquired a small supply and posted notices advertising their availability.

4.         New Matters
a)  RDC Community Team
Bridget Skaife outlined the functions of the new team including the rôle of Community Officers, including as support for specialist staff undertaking field visits and site inspections.  They are also the point of contact for accessing Community Grants.  Richard thanked her and welcomed the availability of a single initial point of contact for all District Council departments.
b)  N Yorks Community messaging
Richard and Jessie said that they have signed up and have found it potentially useful.  Individuals can subscribe and select topics of interest on which to be sent messages.  Jem will post notices advertising the availability of this service.
c)  Trees adjacent to 2 Low Low Hutton Park
Jessie reported that this issue has been satisfactorily resolved.
d)  Cycle Lane for A64 at Low Lane End
Confirmation has been received that construction is still planned for 2018.  This was welcomed but Simon expressed concern regarding subsequent maintenance.
e)  Roads maintenance
i.       The white line at Barneygate Lane End prioritising traffic at the triangle has all but disappeared.  This creates a significant risk of accident.  Jem will write to NYCC Highways pointing out this serious safety issue and requesting repainting.
ii.      Simon had compiled a list of potholes requiring attention which should meet the repair criteria.  Richard will review the list to check whether there are others to add.  Jem will write to NYCC Highways on 21st July.
f)   A64 pedestrian safety
Richard, Jessie and Andy had attended a recent meeting at Welburn regarding pedestrian safety on the A64 between the Welburn junction and Musley Bank.  It had been agreed that an A64 Road Safety Action Group (RSAG) would be established to focus specifically on pedestrian safety to sustain pressure on Highways England.  Jessie and Richard attended the first meeting of the RSAG and will remain involved it in the future.  Andy stressed that priority should be given to practical measures that could be implemented soon. Richard will forward the minutes of the first RSAG meeting to Council members.
In addition Jem will write to Highways England to repair the flattened “Keep Left” sign on the central refuge near the Barneygate Lane end junction.

g)  Transparency Code for Smaller Councils
Richard reminded Councillors of the legal requirements.  Jem confirmed that these have been met for 2016/17, as in previous years.  Jem will forward the Code to Councillors for information.
h)  Freedom of Information Act 2000 & Environmental Information Regulations 2004
Richard reported that the Council has received FoI request which had prompted some background research.  He informed Council that it is legally bound by the provisions of the statutes and must respond appropriately to such requests:
i.       There is a requirement to make public how the Council will publish certain information.  Jem will forward the Model Publication Scheme paper prepared by the Information Commissioner’s Office for consideration at the next meeting.
ii.      The FoI request, from Friends of the Earth, concerned communication between the Council and certain bodies and companies concerned with fracking.  A response was sent stating that none had occurred.
i)   Community Emergency Plan
Richard outlined the scope and purpose of a plan.  Councillors agreed that it might be worthwhile preparing a simple plan for the village.  Jem will forward a short guidance note, which contains links to a suggested template etc.  Preparation of the Plan will be discussed at the next meeting.  Jem will invite Grace Lawes, NYCC Emergency Planning Officer to attend.

5.         Planning
a)  Hydramotion
A revised application is anticipated which will address concerns raised by RDC.  It was agreed that the Council strongly supports the modest expansion on this site.
b)  Barn West of Village Green – Walker Fold Barn
Some issues have been raised by RDC which are currently under discussion.
c)  Unit 7 Malton Enterprise Park
Approved.  Again RDC did not notify the Council.  Jem will raise the lack of communication with RDC and supply Michael Cleary with details so that he can also seek to ensure prompt notification of planning decisions in future.

6.         Finance
a)  Budget progress
The report to 30th June was considered to show that the position was satisfactory.

7.         Any Other Business
a)  Donation
Andy had been given a generous cash donation to help with tidying of the surrounds to the Village Hall after the recent building works.  Richard will thank the donor.

8.         Date of Next meeting(s)
Tuesday 10th October and, provisionally, 28th of November 2017 at 7.30.

Jem Charles, Clerk to the Parish Council

Signed:…………………………………………….(Richard Green, Chairman)

Date: ……………………………..

© 2017

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