Wednesday 25 January 2017


17th JANUARY 2017

1. Welcome, Councillors present & Apologies
Richard Green (Chairman) and Cllrs. Andy Dorman, Jessie Garnett, and Simon Lealman, and Clerk, Jem Charles were present.  Apologies had been received from Cllr. David Banks

2. Minutes of the July PC meeting
These were approved and signed as being a true record

3. Matters Arising
a) Broadband flier
Has been prepared and distributed.
b) Back Lane gulleys & soakaways
Work to clear these has been contracted by NYCC Highways and will be undertaken as priorities allow.
c) Pavement edges in Low Hutton
Further clearing has been carried out by volunteers.  This work will be ongoing as needs are identified and volunteers forthcoming.
d) Condition of pavement surfaces
NYCC Highways preparing schemes for full reconstruction of the sections from Manor Farm to Herbie’s and from Home Farm to the telephone box but no funds have yet been allocated.
e) Potholes in Low Lane
The potholes along the shoulder of the road from Low Farm to Low Lane End have been filled.
f) PROW signs
NYCC have indicated that they will attend to signing the public footpath from Low Lane End to York Road.
g) Low Hutton telephone box
Ryedale District Council has objected to the proposal to close the box about which BT had consulted.  RDC considered that mobile coverage was insufficient to justify closure.
h) Beeline Broadband
Several households have subscribed to Beeline and have reported favourably.
i) Road names
Simon will ascertain the nature of the apparent problem and respond directly to the parishioner who raised the matter.

4. New Matters
a) Cycle route to Malton
Construction is programmed by Highways England for 2018/19.
b) A64 road junctions
Both Barneygate Lane and Low Lane junctions remain in poor condition whilst neither Highways England nor NYCC accept responsibility for maintenance.  Richard will write to Kevin Holinrake, MP and Clare Wood, Councillor NYCC to seek assistance in resolving this impasse.

5. Planning
a) Hydramotion
Still awaiting determination.

6. Finance
a) Budget progress
The report to 31st December was considered to show that the position was satisfactory. Funds are available within the current budget for additional village maintenance.  Jem will ask the grass cutting contractor to clear the pavement from Valley View to Old School House.

7. Information
a) Richard drew attention to correspondence arising from the Parish Liaison meeting and highlighted the main points.

8. Any Other Business
a) Swing Bridge
The Council has been informed that a Closure Order has been made to allow maintenance between 31st January & 31st August 2017.  Vehicles will not be permitted at certain times during this period when the way is coned off and notices in place.  Jem will contact NYCC Highways to seek clarification of when and in what way normal use of the bridge will be disrupted.
b) Pothole at The Rise
A pothole had been reported.  Simon will ascertain  whether this is in the highway or the unadopted road.  Richard will then write to the parishioner who raised the matter.

9. Date of Next meeting(s)
Tuesday 14th March at 7.30 in the Village Hall (if available) and, provisionally, 16th of May 2017 at 7.30 following the Annual Meeting.

Jem Charles, Clerk to the Parish Council

© 2017

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