Wednesday 25 January 2017

Ideas for Future Village Hall Events

Classes in the hall for 2017

We are working to find teachers to take some exercise classes in the village hall from March/April.
So far we may have located potential teachers for Tai Chi, Yoga and Music and Movement for the over 50’s. (Pilates is already covered at Welburn and Westow.) In order to proceed we really need an idea of who would be interested in what and whether an evening or a daytime class would suit best.

Obviously it all depends on the teachers availability and getting sufficient regular committed attendees but if you are interested please get in touch with what class and preferred session timing – 01653 699769 by the end of February please.

There also seems to be some interest in gymnastics or dance for the under 11’s. If anyone knows someone with the right experience and qualifications and who might like to start a regular class in the hall then again please get in touch. Thanks.

Live performances in the village hall

Through previous consultation – many of you have expressed a wish to have a film club and more live performance in the village hall. We looked for volunteers and support in the previous Bulletin and as yet no one has come forward. If we are to offer this kind of event in the village – we need some extra people to build a team and ease the pressure on the rest of the volunteers and also to ensure that everyone is able to contribute and have their say in what events and activities are arranged.

If you can offer a little time then contact or 0653 699 769

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