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10 MAY 2016

1.         Welcome       
Andy Dorman (Chairman) welcomed, Cllrs Jessie Garnett, David Banks, Richard Green & Simon Lealman, Jem Charles (Clerk) and 2 members of the public.
2.         Chairman’s report:
a)     The council finances have been managed so as to provide a small reserve.  This will allow some flexibility to respond to needs as they arise.
b)     The road markings at the foot of Netherby Lane had been repainted.
c)     The new grass cutting contractor had started and appears to be going well, attracting favourable comment.
d)     The finger post and village signs have been restored.  A number of favourable comments have been made.  He thanked the AONB for their financial and practical help.
e)     A bulk bag of rock salt was bought in July but remains unused due to the mild winter.  He has installed a number of cut down wheelie bins in appropriate locations and these are now the roadside grit salt bins, replacing the heaps that NYCC no longer replenish.
f)       The early promising steps towards provision of superfast broadband had not materialized and communication with the, would-be, provider Boundless Communications, has been problematic.
g)     Warning signs have been erected either side of the bus shelters.
h)     He had attended an interesting seminar held by NYCC Highways Area 4 at which the difficulties of meeting demand with limited resources was discussed.  A site visit to view the silted up roadside drains along Back Lane was promised but this has yet to take place.  The number and size of potholes continue to increase and efforts to have these filled are on-going.
i)       The Council had facilitated two visits by John Shannon of the East Yorkshire Rivers Trust to treat one very large colony of Giant Hogweed and several scattered individual plants.
j)       The Council has participated in the Engagement Group set up by the Environment Agency to assess options for the management of Kirkham weir and sluices.  Rona Charles was present so Item 1(c) from the Council meeting agenda was brought into this item.  She gave an update and explained that these options have now been narrowed to two; constructing a more effective fish pass and partial lowering of the weir to a level yet to be determined, or complete removal of the weir.  There will be further discussion with the Engagement Group once these have been more fully evaluated.  The Council thanked Rona for her efforts and diligence in this exercise.
k)     There had been success in ameliorating the appearance of proposed new industrial units on the York Road trading estate.
l)       The Council has joined the working group on the drafting of the proposed Malton and Norton Town Plan for that part of the York Road trading estate that lies within the Parish boundary.  No meeting has yet taken place.

3.         Finance
Expenditure was less than that budgeted.  Savings have been made, mainly in the contingency allocation which was only partly depleted by the purchase of grit salt, and the inability of the contractor to carry out the village maintenance part of the contract.  These led to savings of £343 and £320 respectively.  There were also modest underspends on sundries and expenses.  A sum of £300 from the 2015/16 budget has been committed to the restoration and repair of the fingerpost and village signs.

The Council’s expenditure was £1993 and income £2750 producing a balance carried forward of £4190.
4.         Public Questions & Statements
a)     Broadband  Considerable frustration was expressed at the slow speed of the available network.  Frequently only 7-800kB/s could be achieved.
This was acknowledged as a real problem and the Council would continue to attempt to find a solution.

Signed:……………………………….(Chairman, 2016/17)   Dated:………………….

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