Thursday 19 May 2016





1.         Election of Chairman
Richard Green was proposed as Chairman by David Banks.  This was seconded by Jessie Garnett.  Richard accepted nomination and, there being no other proposals, was unanimously elected.

2.         Welcome, Councillors present & Apologies
Richard Green (Chairman) and Cllrs. Andy Dorman, David Banks, Jessie Garnett, and Simon Lealman, and Clerk, Jem Charles were present.  One member of the public was also present.
3.         Minutes of the March meeting were approved and signed as being a true record

4.         Matters Arising
a)  Copper beech
David Bayes has not had time available yet, but he, or Tom from Cundalls (Tree Surgeons) will cut the branch in due course and Andy will cut up and dispose of the wood.
b)  Superfast Broadband
Richard, David and Simon plan to attend a discussion event being held by Kevin Holinrake.  It was agreed that provision of a fibre optic connection to the network was preferable to wireless but no plans exist, or are imminent, for installation.  Experience elsewhere suggests that evidence of demand might encourage investment.  Richard will draft a pro forma for distribution house to house to gather data on the level of demand.  Andy will contact acquaintances in Rutland and Denbigh Dale to learn from their experience.
Consideration may be given to provision of infrastructure by private subscription once demand is known.
c) & d)       Kirkham Weir & Sluice engagement group & Finger Post & Village Signs
These items had been covered in the preceding Annual Parish Meeting
e)  Barneygate Lane End blocked drain
This had been attended to by NYCC Highways but had soon become blocked again.  Jem had followed up and work is believed to be in hand.
f)   YLCA membership
It was decided that the annual subscription was not warranted and membership will be allowed to lapse.

5.         New Matters
No matters had been raised.

6.         Planning
a)  Village Hall alterations
Support for the proposals has been sent to Ryedale DC.  It was regretted that no provision for a children’s play area had been included in the proposals.

7.         Finance
a)  Financial Governance Statement 2015/16
This was approved and duly signed.
b)  Accounting Statement 2015/16
This was approved and duly signed.
c)  Budget progress
     The report to 30th April was considered to show that the position was satisfactory.

8.         Any Other Business
a)  “Slow, Children” signs
            Andy suggested that the appearance of the posts of the new signs might be improved by painting.  The Council decided that it would be preferable to leave them as they are.
b)  Potholes
Simon had drawn up a comprehensive list of potholes meriting attention.  Jem had measured these and prepared a shorter list of those which met the strict criterion (45mm in depth) now being applied by NYCC before action is taken.  Jem will forward this list to Area 4, NYCC Highways, copied to Richard Marr and Sharon Fox, and seek confirmation that they will be filled.
The blocked gulleys and soakaways down Back Lane were to be discussed on site with Sharon Fox of NYCC Highways, but efforts to set a date had proved fruitless.  Richard and Jem will discuss further and Richard will, subsequently, contact Richard Marr (Area $ NYCC Highways).

c)  Give & Gain
Jem had been approached by Paul Lodge of the charity Racing Welfare to ask whether there was a task they could undertake on the 20th of May, as volunteers, to demonstrate the industry’s commitment to the community.  Jem will suggest that they undertake clearing of the pavements.  The Council will consider making a donation at the next meeting.
d)  Marie Curie Tea Party
The Marie Curie charity has suggested that communities hold fund raising tea parties..  It was considered that Meeting Point would be best placed to respond.  Richard will forward the correspondence to the organisers.
e)  Outgoing Chairman
David thanked Andy for all his work and this was roundly endorsed by all.

9.         Date of Next meeting(s)
Tuesday 19th July and, provisionally, 13th of September 2016 at 7.30.

Jem Charles, Clerk to the Parish Council

Signed:…………………………………………….(Richard Green, Chairman)

Date: ……………………………..

© 2016

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