Friday 2 October 2015


1.         Welcome, Councillors present & Apologies
Cllrs. Andy Dorman, Jessie Garnett, David Banks, Richard Green and Simon Lealman, and Clerk, Jem Charles were present.  No member of the public was present.

2.         Minutes of the July meeting were approved and signed as being a true record.

3.         Matters Arising
a)  Verge Cutting
Jem had written to NYCC Highways seeking assurance that cutting would begin more promptly in 2016 and requesting that the section of raised pavement near the Village Hall be included in the contract.  The letter had been forwarded to Area 4 for attention but no response received.  Jem will send a reminder asking that these points be addressed.

b)  Copper beech
Andy reported that the cost of high pruning would be £700 and that work to maintain the crown and prevent overhanging the road would be required every 5 years.  This was considered excessive for the Council’s budget.  Andy will obtain a further quotation.  Andy will also discuss with Alan Cavannagh to see whether he, along with Jem and himself, could undertake the minimum work necessary to raise the crown and remove/cut back overhanging branches as volunteers.

c) Giant hogweed
Andy and Jem had taken John Shannon of the East Yorkshire Rivers Trust to the site by boat on 2 occasions and the infestation has been treated.  At least one follow up visit earlier in 2016 will be needed to ensure eradication.  An article has been posted on the village website.

d)  A64 junctions
Jem had managed to make contact with the DfT (Jeff Gilmore, Policy Advisor, Young Drivers Policy and Casework) who said that he would try to find someone who could address the issue.  Despite two reminders nothing further has been heard.  Simon will try to identify a more appropriate contact for Jem to try again.

e)  Superfast Broadband
No further progress has been made.  LN Communications have been experiencing delays with the Repeater host agreement at Birdsall Bank and the direct link from the inbound repeater.  Jem will contact NYNET to ascertain whether they can help with providing a superfast connection to the village.

f)   Village website
Photographs and text about Councillors had not yet been given to Jem.  All Councillors agreed to do this soon. 

4.         New Matters

a)  Fire & Rescue service consultation
It was agreed that, though responses from larger Councils would be more pressing for the Authority, responses from small rural Councils should help ensure that the service is maintained for their, different, issues.  Councillors will study the proposals and pass comments to Jem.  Jem will compile a response and submit it to the Fire & Rescue Authority before 16th October.

b)  Good neighbours scheme
The Council supports the work being undertaken by the Village Hall project group in providing community support and recognised that a great deal of support is currently provided informally.  Jessie will speak to Ruth Hannah to learn how the scheme is progressing and the Council would review at the next meeting.

c)  District Councillor (Phil Evans)
Councillors would welcome Mr Evans to the next meeting.  Jem will re-issue the invitation. 

5.         Planning
a)  Low Farm Cottage
The application for an equestrian arena for private use was supported but
has not yet been determined.
An application for extension conversion and change of use has been submitted.

b)  Musley Bank House

Mr Ian Brisby has notified the Council of his proposal to submit an application for the building of a new dwelling in the grounds of his current property.  Councillors agreed that an artist’s impression provided by Mr Brisby suggested that the proposal should not be contentious. 

6.         Finance

a)  Budget Progress
Jem presented income/expenditure data to date and the position is satisfactory.

b)  External Audit
Jem reported that PKF Littlejohn had completed the audit and approved the accounts.

7.         Any Other Business

a) Road Signs
NYCC Highways have agreed to erect triangular warning signs depicting children either side of the bus stops.

b) Transparency Code for Smaller Councils
Jem has learnt that grant aid is available for the purchase of computer equipment and training to assist Councils meet the demands of this Code.  Councillors considered that a dedicated computer for Council business would be worthwhile. Jem will investigate further and submit recommendations.

c)  Potholes at Barneygate Lane/A64 junction
Simon drew attention to this problem.  Jem will contact AOne+ or NYCC Highways as appropriate. 

8.         Date of Next meeting(s)
24th November at 7.30 and, provisionally, 13 January at 7.30.

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