Tuesday 20 October 2015

Huttons Ambo Youth Club - Friday 13th November

Huttons Ambo Youth Club

Friday 13th November, 7pm-8,30pm

All those 5 and over - welcome.

Activities, games and baking …. Chance to choose items for pottery painting session led by Pea Green Pottery for meeting 5th December.

Subs £2.50.

New members welcome.

email info@huttonsambo.com to get on mailing list

Future sessions include : Making Bird Feeders/Bird Boxes, learning about Hedgehogs, kids quiz night, chocolate bingo,  taster session in mechanics, Map Reading with The Mountain Rescue, Art projects led by Lesley Seeger and many other fun things……

If anyone would like to volunteer to run a session for an hour with one of the regular leaders get in touch – we are always looking for ideas.

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