Friday, 29 May 2015

Hedgehog Joins Zambo Pantry Team

Recent research has show that hedgehogs are becoming an endangered species due to loss of suitable habitat and pesticides etc.

So all to the good that Huttons Ambo now has a new resident courtesy of the Hedgehog Preservation Society. 

 The HPS said "He has been very ill with parasites, but is now fully fit and healthy.  Unfortunately he was found in an area not really suitable for hedgehogs; so he needs a new place to live."

So this lovely creature has been released into the care of Jo and Vince at Zambo Pantry HQ where he will enjoy good food and a watchful eye until he gets to know the area.

Please everyone drive carefully - the hogs are slow moving so you should be able to see them coming in the village.

Thanks Jo and Vince for taking him on.

Liz Ellis

© 2015

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