Sunday 11 August 2013

Produce Show 2013

The quality of our village show always amazes me. Every year is different - last year I felt the 'produce' section - baking, jams, wines, etc really excelled with lots of entries. This year there were some remarkably large vegetables, marrows always grow to an implausible sizeof course but there were some huge cabbages too.

 This year, I was quite taken by children's sections, especially the mustard and cress egg-heads and the miniature gardens.

Mustard & cress egg-heads

Nature in an egg-box

As usual I insinuated myself behind the scenes of the show, not in any constructive capacity of course but in my self-appointed role of photographic nosey-parker. A lot of hard work goes on during the day, booking exhibits in, accompanying judges, totting up the scores, making sure that tickets go on the prizewinning exhibits and working out who the cup winners are. All this takes place before the show opens for viewing at 4pm - so no pressure then.

Calendulas come under scrutiny in the flower section

Recording results, notice the prize tickets laid out ready

The judges take their work very seriously, while making due allowance for the fact that they are judging a village show rather than the Royal Horticultural Society, but it is surprising how much consideration can go into selecting a winner.
The monster cabbages come under discussion

One of the produce judges samples a wholemeal loaf
Once again the prizes were awarded by Rector Taff Morgan, however your thumb-fingered editor failed to make it to the village hall in time for prize-giving, so if any of you have photos of the winners you are willing to share, please let me know!

See the show results here

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