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Huttons Ambo Flower & Produce Show 2013 Results

Huttons Ambo Flower & Produce Show 2013 Results

W&M Smith Cup –  S. Milson
Holtby Cup – Wainwright
Youngest Exhibitor – E Lealman
Hodgson Cup –  F. Jones
F. England Cup – A.Milson
J. Witty Cup – D.Doggett
Roberts Cup – J.Charles
Topham Trophy –  D. Voigt
Photography – A.Paton
Allatt Trophy – J.Charles
Most Classes – A. Milson
Classes 1-51 (most points) –  A. Milson
Classes 52-79  (most points) –  C. Milson

Cabbage, green 1. 1st H.Wallis 2nd A. Milson  3rd  F. Jones
Carrots 3.    1st D. Taylor  2nd  D. Haigh 3rd A. Milson    
Onions, 3 dressed 1st J. Charles 2nd H. Wallis 3rd   A. Milson
Spring Onions  4. 1st F. Jones 2nd J. Charles 3rd H. Wallis   
Any Other Vegetable 3. 1st H. Wallis 2nd C. Milson
Tomatoes 4. 1st   J. Bray 2nd F. Jones
Cherry Tomatoes 6. 1st J. Charles 2nd H. Wallis 3rd J. Bray
Beetroot, 3 bunched, with short tops. 1st  F. Jones 2nd a. Dorman 3rd A. Milson
Sweet Peppers 2. 1st  D. Haigh
Chilli Peppers 3. 1st   J. Charles 2nd J. Charles  3rd H. Wallis
Potatoes 4. 1st  A. Lealman 2nd S. Clark 3rd A. Lealman
Broad Beans  6. 1st D. Haigh 2nd F. Jones 3rd A. Milson
Runner Beans  6. 1st D. Taylor 2nd A. Milson 3rd H. Wallis 
French Beans  6. 1st A. Milson 2nd F. Jones 3rd S. Mahon
Peas  6. Shallots, 6 any colour. 1st A. Dorman 2nd A. Milson 3rd D. Haigh 
Lettuce  1. 1st F. Jones 
Courgettes 2. 1st  1st J. Charles 2nd F. Jones 3rd J. Bray
Cucumber  1. 1st J. Bray 2nd A. Milson 3rd F. Jones 
Heaviest Marrow 1. 1st F. Jones 2nd H. Mahon 3rd A. Milson 
Any Fruits, 2 same or different. 1st  1st J. Bray
Soft Fruits, 6 same or different. 1st J. Charles 2nd H. Wallis 
Shallots 1st A. Milson 2nd H.Wallis 3rd  H. Wallis
Culinary Herbs, named, 5 different. 1st M. Holtby 2nd P. Barraclough 
Pot of Home-made Compost. 1st J. Charles 2nd A. Dorman 3rd J. Bray

French Marigolds, 3 blooms. 1st A. Milson 2nd A. Topp 
English Marigolds, 3 blooms. 1st  S. Mahon
Pansies, 3 blooms. 1st  A. Milson 2nd A. Topp 3rd J. Charles
Sweet Peas, 9 stems any colour. 1stA. Milson 2nd E. Brooksbank 3rd J. Allott 
Sweet Peas, 3 stems one colour .  1st A. Milson 2nd P. Barraclough 3rd E. Brooksbank 
Garden flowers, 6 different. 1st   R. Naylor 2nd A. Milson 3rd A. Hewitt
Hydrangeas,  3 blooms. 1st   R. Naylor 2nd D. Voigt
Flowering shrubs, 3 stems different. 1st J. Charles 2nd R. Naylor 3rd J. Bray
Gladiolus,  1 stem. 1st A. Milson 
Potted houseplant. 1st  R. Naylor
Carnations or Pinks, 3 stems. 1st R. Naylor  2nd A. Milson
Herbaceous Perennial, 1 stem. 1st A. Milson 2nd R. Naylor 3rd J. Nesbitt
Herbaceous Perennials, 3 different. 1st  A. Hewitt 2nd J. Bray 3rd J. Charles
Roses, 3 stems any variety. 1st J. Bray 2nd A. Milson 3rd A. Topp 
Hybrid Tea Rose, 1 bloom. 1st J. Charles 
Annual,  1 stem. 1st J. Charles 2nd C. Haigh 3rd J. Bray 
Fuchsias, 3 stems. 1st C. Haigh 2nd D. Voigt 3rd C. Haigh

Man’s Buttonhole1st  D. Doggert 2nd J. Allott 3rd  D.Savage
Lady’s Spray, 1st   J. Allott  2nd A. Milson 3rd  D.Savage
Coastal Arrangement 1st  A. Milson 2nd D. Savage
Foliage Arrangement. 1st  D. Doggert 2nd D. Savage
Arrangement  in an Unusual Container. 1st D. Doggert 2nd A. Milson 3rd A. Topp
Table Centre. 1st D. Doggert 2nd D. Savage

Wholemeal Loaf. 1st A. Paton 2nd D. Voigt 3rd A. Hall 
Lemon Meringue Pie 1st G. Wainwright   2nd S. Mahon 3rd P. Taylor
Chocolate Cake. 1st A. Hewitt 2nd S. Swindells 3rd C. Milson 
Fruit Scones, 3. 1st  J. Allott 2nd G. Wainwright 3rd A. Hewitt
Vegetable Quiche 1st  D. Savage 2nd S. Mahon 3rd G. Wainwright
Chocolate Truffles, 4  1st G. Wainwright    2nd C. Milson 3rd P. Milson
Raspberry Jam. 1st C. Milson 2nd J. Allott 
Strawberry Jam. 1st J. Charles 2nd S. Clark 3rd C. Milson 
Jam, any other. 1st S. Clark 2nd C. Milson 3rd S. Mahon 
Jelly 1st C. Milson
Marmalade. 1st J. Charles
Chutney. 1st J. Charles 2nd T. Ruthven
Bottle of Rosé Wine. 1st J. Charles 
Bottle of Red Wine. 1st J. Charles 
Bottle of Sloe Gin 1st A. Dorman 
Bottle of Other Alcoholic Drink. 1st H. Wallis 
Bottle of Non-alcoholic Drink. 1st J. Charles 2nd S. Clark 3rd J. Charles

Item of Clothing. 1st J. Nesbitt 2nd M, Naylor 
Picture, Painted or Hand-drawn. 1st C. Milson 2nd E. Green 
Hard Handmade Article. 1st A. Milson 2nd R. Naylor 3rd R. Naylor 
Soft Handmade Article. 1st D. Voigt 2nd D. Doggertt

Weather. 1st J. Charles 2nd A. Paton 3rd D.Banks 
Green. 1st S. Clark 2nd J. Charles 3rd A. Paton 
Local Character. 1st A. paton 2nd A. Dorman 3rd A. Paton 
Howardian Hills 1st A. Paton 
Humorous with Caption. 1st A. Paton 2nd A. Paton 3rd A. Paton


11-14 YEARS

Photograph of my friend  1st A. Wainwright 
Poster for Next Year’s Show. 1st G. Wainwright 2nd A. Wainwright 3rd E. Ruthven 
Cup Cakes 4. 1st M. Naylor 2nd A. Wainwright 3rd  R. Burns 
Miniature Garden. 1st A. wainwright 2nd M.Naylor
Haiku or Limerick about Huttons Ambo  1st Amy Wainwright 

7-10  YEARS
Cup cakes 4.      1st          2nd       3rd 
Mustard & Cress Head  1st H. Mahon 2nd S. Milson 3rd J. Banks 
Miniature Garden      1st D. Naylor 2nd S. Milson 3rd J. Banks 
Pressed Flower Picture.  1st J. Swindells 2nd H. Mahon 

6 & Under
Junk Modelled Item  1st A. Wallis 2nd A. Wallis 3rd C. Swindells 
Coronation Jubilee Crown 1st L. Lealman 2nd P. Milson 3rd A. Wallis
Mustard  & Cress Head 1st H. Mahon 2nd L. Lealman 3rd W. Banks 
Nature in an egg Box. 1st A. Wallis 2nd S. Falshaw 3rd P. Milson 
367 entries in total.

Many thanks to all entrants, judges, helpers and supporters.

If you prefer, you can download a copy of these results as a file (e.g. to email them to a friend) by clicking one of the links below:

Download a copy of these results as a Word Document

Download a copy of these results as an Adobe PDF file

Editors note: This must be a record: the produce show results collated and published less than 24 hours after the show!  Well done everyone.

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