Wednesday 28 November 2012

Flooding in Huttons Ambo

Flooded fields from Malton to Huttons Ambo
The Low Lane to Malton was closed yesterday, following the recent heavy rainfall and flooding and today I went down to see how bad the water levels were. The Derwent overtopped its banks some days ago but the water has now filled the fields and flooded the lane at Low Farm.

Low Lane flooded at Low Farm, Low Hutton
Flooded fields on Low Lane, Low Hutton
The fields are still sodden with water and run-off is coursing across the road and adding to muddy brown floodwaters.

Run-off from fields washes across Low Lane

Back at Low Hutton at the bottom of Water Lane the water has come through the railway viaduct, cutting off the Swingbridge to Menethorpe.

Water Lane flooded at the railway viaduct, Low Hutton
At the base of the viaduct the water pressure is so high that jets of water are spraying from cracks in the brickwork and a large blister of tarmac has formed in the road where spring water is welling up from the ground.

Water leaking from railway viaduct, Water Lane, Low Hutton

Tarmac blister caused by spring, Water Lane, Low Hutton
 We're lucky though, no homes have been flooded and with a bit of luck it should start to recede in a day or two.

For more information about flood risk and forecast river levels, visit the Environment Agency website.

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