Thursday 30 August 2012

Welcome To Autumn

Straw Bales near Low Hutton
It's here, like it or lump it, autumn has arrived. Or has it?

An astronomer would say no, autumn begins with the autumnal equinox, when the length of night and day become equal, this year that happens on the September 22nd.

The Met Office on the other hand, defines autumn to start on the 1st of September and for many people the August bank holiday marks the end of Summer.

Harvesting in Coachfield, High Hutton

Harvesting oilseed rape at Orchard Corner

 But you don't need a dictionary definition to tell you. The sky has turned that extra deep shade of blue, the heat of the sun is cozy rather than 'blazing June' hot, and there is a melancholy echo in the trees caused by the combine harvester chewing its way through another field of corn. The fields are full of bales, rose hips are swelling in the hedgerows and a fat moon hangs in the sky.

 It's here all right, welcome to autumn.

Rose hips


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