Thursday 15 April 2021





Tuesday, February 9th 2021 at 7.00pm 


Virtual Meeting Hosted by Zoom 


Topic: Huttons Ambo Parish Council Zoom Meeting 

Time: Feb 9, 2021 07:00 PM London 





  1. Welcome, Councillors present, apologies for absence –  

Present: Andy Dorman (Chair), Simon Lealman, Philip Barraclough & Anne Lealman (Clerk). 

Apologies: Emma Samuel 


2 Approval of Minutes of meeting on 9th December 2020 - approved 


3 Matters arising: 


  1. General state of roads and footpaths –  

footpath been resurfaced between Bob’s and the Shop in Low Hutton. The Parish Council appreciate it been completed, but think a better job could have been made of it. Lots of moss growing on pavements. The Grange to Manor Farm needs moss and overgrowth clearing and other pavements in the villages. Ask Mark Wilson if he is able to spray the footpaths in the village with weed killer. Budget is available within the PC account. Andy to ask Alan K what is a good product to use to kill moss.  

Andy has contacted Highways to come and see the big patches of water that stand on the road after any rain fall. This is mainly at the Bus shelter in High Hutton and the road between High and Low Hutton and along Netherby lane. 

Andy to speak to Richard Wainwright to see if he can make water free flow into the ditch. 


  1. Broadband Update –  

Update from Chris Rawlings – 04.02.21 Openreach are awaiting permission from Highways to start works on connections. 


  1. Siting of proposed information boards, including land ownership 

Estate has granted permission to site both information boards – one at the church the other at Manor Farm. Philip to circulate the wording to councilors 




  1. Low Hutton telephone kiosk. 

The assessment made is not an accurate view of its use due to being out of orderA new 12 month review is underway by BT/ RDC starting October 2020. 


  1. Public Rights of Way and update via email from Rona 

No major problems, Rona will contact the relevant people if any issues arise. Rona to contact Andy and not the PC going forward. 



New Matters: 

Pothole at the garage entrance on Derwent Avenue, Low HuttonAlso a pothole near Forge Cottage in High Hutton. Simon to report both via the Parish Portal. 



Wold View plans went to the planning committee and was approved with some caveats. 



Spend    £3168.21       Income £10184.34    Running Balance  £7016.13 


 7  Any Other Business 



Date of next Meeting 

Provisionally Wednesday 21st April 2021 




Anne Lealman - Clerk to the Parish Council 

© 2021

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