Sunday 6 December 2020

Huttons Ambo Christmas Carol Service – 4pm Sunday 20th December

Because of the present virus restrictions this year’s Carol Service will take a different form to previous years.

  • It will be held outside in the Churchyard so long as the weather is clement. Being outside will allow everybody to sing. Since we shall be outside the service will only last about 30 minutes.

  • Should the weather not be clement we will have to be inside the Church but only the Choir will be able to sing with the congregation sitting well away from them.
  • In either eventuality the service will comprise 5 carols and 4 readings. Carol sheets will be available.
  • If people wish to bring their own chairs or stools that is up to them. Otherwise it will be a case of standing  around the south side of the church, socially distanced from one another. The security lights will provide plenty of light. Do please wrap up well.
  • Those attending the churchyard service who may not wish to be outside, can sit inside the church and will be able to hear the carols, if not necessarily the readings, although the readers will read from the chancel steps.


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