Wednesday 26 August 2020

Parish Council Meeting Agenda - September 15th at 7.30pm




Tuesday, September 15th 2020



1 Welcome, Councillors present, apologies for absence

2 Approval of Minutes of meeting on 7th July 2020

3 Matters arising:

  1. Pot Holes
  2. Tree inspections
  3. Low Lane End/A64 - see new matters and new speed limits on A64
  4. Parish Portal
  5. Village noticeboard - update (re map work on Powerpoint)

4 New Matters:

    1. New speed limits on A64
    2. Removal of call box and adoption of phone box by parish council

5 Planning:

a) Planning application no: 20/00628/HOUSE - The Rise, for mention

6 Finance:

Budget progress to 31st August 2020

        Bank mandate

 7 Any Other Business

8 Date of next Meeting


Sarah Banks, Clerk to the Parish Council

From September the new clerk will be Anne Lealman at the same email address

© 2020

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