Wednesday 3 June 2020

Vacancy for a Parish Clerk

Huttons Ambo Parish Council is looking for a parish clerk. Please see the list of duties for this role if you are interested.


·         Drafting agendas for 6 PC meetings and Annual Meeting

·         Preparing agreed agendas and posting public invitations on noticeboards and website

·         Taking minutes at PC and Annual meetings and posting agreed drafts

·         Undertaking correspondence and other communication with individuals, external organisations and bodies and public authorities as required

·         Sorting correspondence (mainly e-mail) and distributing as appropriate

·         Circulating information of planning applications

·         Responding to planning applications as directed and liaising with RDC as necessary

·         Providing advice on procedures and legal requirements

·         Managing paper and electronic files


·         Preparing annual budget and periodic budget reports

·         Paying accounts and recording payments

·         Calculating PAYE deductions and submitting payments to HMRC

·         Submitting PAYE reports to HMRC using RTI system

·         Managing pension scheme as necessary

·         Preparing Annual Accounts for audit and posting financial data statistics


Approx. 75-85hrs per annum pensionable


£725 per annum gross

 If you are interested in this post please contact Sarah Banks at

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