Friday 8 May 2020

Huttons Ambo Newsletter - May 6th to May 16th 2020

 Huttons Ambo Newsletter - May 6th to May 16th 2020

The shop remains open at the following times:

Monday 7.45-10.30 am4pm to 6pm
Tuesday7.45-10.30 am4pm to 6pm
Wednesday7.45-10 am4pm to 6pm
Thursday7.45-10.30 am4pm to 6pm
Friday 7.45-10.30 am4pm to 6pm
Saturday8.30am-10.30am4pm to 6pm
Sunday 8.30am-10.30amCLOSED

Shop delivery Service.

If anyone is self- isolating or would prefer to have their shopping delivered please contact the shop during opening hours:

There is a small charge for this service. 

We have deliveries of fresh fruit and vegetables 3 times a week from Dales of Malton.  

If we can have orders for collection as follows:

Friday for Monday's delivery

Monday for Wednesday's delivery

Wednesday for Friday's delivery 

Turners Butchers in Rillington

To place an order please email Denise or phone by Sunday night at the latest. 

Delivery Tuesday for collection from Denise’s Tuesday between 5 and 6pm. 

Payment to Denise by BACS once delivered.

This weekend 8th, 9th , 10th there will be home baked mini cakes for sale.

Bakewell TartsLemon DrizzleCarrot cake
Fruitc cakeVictoria SpongeChocolate cake
Brownies and Fry's
 chocolate cream brownies
Rhubarb crumbles
and crumble tarts
Baby cakes

You can pre-order a full size of any of the above from Herbies or Denise

PLANTS FOR SALE – Carrying on from Rosa’s plant sale,Susan Milward has a fine selection at the entrance to her drive. All money raised to St Margaret’s Church.

A continued BIG THANK YOU to all of those providing support to villagers and/or have put themselves forward for the list of volunteers who can be called upon.

© 2020

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