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Annual Parish Meeting - Minutes - May 2019

NB: These are the minutes from the public Annual Parish Council Meeting 

 Huttons Ambo Parish Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting

May 15th 2019

  1. Welcome - David Banks (Chairman) welcomed councillors Andy Dorman, Philip Barraclough and Simon Lealman, Sarah Banks (Clerk) and two members of the public.

2. Chairman’s report

  1. A64: The PC was pleased to see the repairs done by Highways England to the high and low junctions after many years of representations by the parish council. It is now clear that Highways England has accepted responsibility for maintaining these junctions and in the future any repairs necessary should be much more straightforward.

  1. Village green: Following work carried out on houses adjoining the village green last year, a section of the grass got very churned up. As agreed, the contractors did re-seed this section but the PC felt that it still needs restoring to its former state. The contractors will need to return to re-seed. The PC will pursue this.

  1. Pot holes: There are still some issues with the deterioration of the roads. NYCC has carried out some repairs. The use of the Parish Portal has been positive for reporting issues. All agreed that communication via the portal does get things sorted. Simon Lealman said he was happy to report issues via the Parish Portal.

  1. Trees: The PC identified a need to examine trees on the village green to ensure they were safe. This work is ongoing.

  1. War Memorial: The PC is looking into the possibility of adding a name to the war memorial. Mark Armstrong of the Hulls PALS Regiment was from Huttons Ambo but his name does not appear on the stone. The PC will check if his name is on one of the war memorials in Hull and if not it might be appropriate to add his name to that in Huttons Ambo.

  1. Footpaths: An assessment of the rights of way in the parish has been undertaken by volunteers from the village. The Estate has been approached regarding some issues and are happy to work with the PC in any remedial action necessary.

  1. Broadband: The village will soon benefit from fibre optic broadband. Work is currently being carried out in the village and it is expected this will be available in two months time (June/July 2019). This should lead to fantastic speeds for residents who will benefit from being able to choose from a range of internet providers.

  1. Speed Limit: This continues to be an issue and is being looked into and is awaiting a response from the Highways.
  2. Finance: The PC is carrying a modest surplus in its finances and will be looking to spend this on items of benefits to the village in the coming year, some of which might be the tree work mentioned above.

  1. Planning applications: The PC has published all applications on the village website and commented to Ryedale DC.

  1. Departure of auditor: Avril Monks, who has carried out the auditing for the PC for the past few years has stepped down. The PC expressed their thanks to Avril for all the work which she carried out on a voluntary basis. The PC will need to identify a new auditor.

  1. Departure of Clerk: In addition to the above, Jem Charles, who has been clerk for a number of years, has also stepped down. The council also expressed their thanks to Jem for all his hard work in this role


The PC’s expenditure for the year was £2089 and income was £2850, resulting in a balance carried forward of £6610. Budgeted income of £2800 was boosted by the return of a cheque for £50. Expenditure was less than budgeted primarily due to some identified expenditures being delayed - notably tree inspections and remedial work.


It was noted that Richard Kershaw had both joined and left the PC in the last year. The PC thanked him for his attendance and contribution. No other matters were raised by the community represented.

Sarah Banks, Clerk to the Parish Council

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