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19th MARCH 2019

1.         Welcome, Councillors present & Apologies
David Banks (Chairman) welcomed Cllrs. Andy Dorman, Simon Lealman and Philip Barraclough.  Richard Kershaw had tendered his resignation.  He also welcomed one member of the public.

2.         Approval of Minutes
a)  Minutes of the January meeting were approved and signed as being a true record.

3.         Matters Arising
a)  30 mph speed limit
David is to meet with an engineer from NYCC Highways for a site inspection and discussion of options.  David will notify Councillors when a date has been arranged.
b)  Monitoring of PRoW
David has not yet had an opportunity to discuss necessary work with Richard Wainwright or other land managers.  Rona presented a schedule of the works identified by volunteer surveyors.
c)  Tree inspections
Jem outlined the range of approaches to tree safety taken by some other Councils.  Andy and David will contact David Bayes and Cundalls tree surgeons respectively to obtain quotes for inspections and reports.

d)  Low Lane End
Concerns were again expressed regarding the use of the junction by heavy vehicles for turning resuming once current construction work has been completed.  Jem will write to Highways England to ask what is planned for the piece of ground at present being used as a compound at the completion of the current cycleway construction project.
e) War memorial
David has yet to visit memorials in Hull to ascertain whether Mark Armstrong is commemorated there, 
f)   Retrospective charge for storage in the Village Hall
Council decided that it would not be appropriate to make such a payment.  David will write to the Village Hall treasurer accordingly.

4.         New Matters
            a)   Appointment of new Clerk
No expressions of interest had been forthcoming.  Jem will contact adjacent Councils and Ryedale DC community officer to seek any assistance.  From April 2019 David will take on the responsibilities until a Clerk can be appointed.  Jem will inform HMRC that the Council has no employee from 1st April.
b)  Crime survey – Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner
David will complete and submit a response to the questionnaire.
c)  YLCA course briefing
Jem outlined the main points listing the legal duties, responsibilities and powers of a Council.  It was agreed that the current pragmatic approach to Council business remains appropriate.
d)  Malton Town Council as statutory consultee for York Rd Ind Estate
Jem will write Ryedale DC to seek clarification why one Council is considered to be a statutory consultee for applications in a neighbouring parish.
e)  Parish portal
Jem briefly explained the facility for reporting highways defects.  Jem will set up access to the system for Simon who will take on responsibility.
f)   A64 cycle/foot-path
The current construction of a footpath/cycleway was welcomed though with some reservations about the lack of separation of pedestrians and cyclists from fast moving vehicles.
g)  Parish footpath map
It was agreed that provision of a simple map showing public rights of way would be beneficial and could be funded by the Council.  David will investigate possible options and likely costs.
h)  Community First Yorkshire members survey
David will respond as appropriate
i)   Litter at Station car-park
Concern was expressed that there have been indications of drugs use.  Philip will contact the police to alert them.  Andy will discuss the possible siting and maintenance of a litter bin at the location.
j)   Proposed closure order – Seven Street
No action required.
k)  May Elections
Jem outlined some of the processes and suggested Councillors seek volunteers as candidates.  Jem will post notices announcing the new vacancy.

5.         Planning
a)  Business Units at York Rd. Enterprise Park (18/01317/MFUL)
Had been approved
b)  Hydramotion (19/00058/FUL & 19/00059/ADV)
Awaiting determination
c)  Units at York Road – mezzanine floor (19/00093/73)
Had been approved
d)  Barn House, High Gaterley (19/00143/HOUSE)
Awaiting determination

6.         Finance
a)  Budget progress
The report to 28th February was considered to show that the position was satisfactory.  Jem pointed out that it was still likely that funds would be available for other worthwhile works.  It was agreed that road sweeping, particularly Barneygate Lane around Orchard corner, Low Lane from  Netherby Lane to Mynchon & Bardolph drive and from the Village Hall to Low Hutton Park, would be worthwhile.  David will ask Richard Wainwright if he would be able to undertake this on contract.
             b)    End of year accounts and audit
Jem will undertake these duties.

7.         Any Other Business

9.         Date of Next meetings
Wednesday 15th May 2019 for both the Annual and PC meetings and, provisionally, Tuesday 9th of July 2019 at 7.30pm.

Jem Charles, Clerk to the Parish Council


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