Saturday 21 October 2017


10th OCTOBER 2017

1.         Welcome, Councillors present & Apologies
Richard Green (Chairman) welcomed Cllrs. Andy Dorman and Simon Lealman, and Clerk, Jem Charles.  Apologies had been received from David Banks and from Jessie Garnett who has reluctantly decided to resign on health grounds.  He also welcomed Grace Lawes (NYCC) and Bridget Skaife (Community Officer, RDC) for Item 3f), and two members of the public.

2.         Approval of Minutes
Minutes of the July meeting and the May Annual meeting were approved and signed as being a true record.

3.         Matters Arising
f)   Community Emergency Plan  (This Item was taken first)
Richard introduced Grace Lawes and explained that the Council was considering whether the preparation and adoption of a simple Plan would be appropriate and valuable.  Grace outlined the potential rôle such plans fulfil in facilitating communication between the community, the emergency services and NYCC in emergency situations.  The Plan can assist the emergency services by providing local contacts, information about facilities and equipment available within the community as well as access considerations.  It can also highlight vulnerable properties and residents.  The value of the plan lies in improving the reaction to an emergency in the short term.   She offered to send templates that Councils can use to help draw up a Plan.
Richard thanked Grace and said that the Council will decide on how to proceed at the next meeting.
a)  A64 junctions – maintenance responsibilities
Richard reported on correspondence he has had with Kevin Hollinrake’s office, Caroline Goodrick (NYC Councillor) and NYC Highways.  It was stated, by NYC Highways, that there is agreement on the line at which NYC responsibility ends and Highways England (HE) begins.  Andy and Simon wondered whether the Highways England Boundary Plan being used by NYCC was the same as that used by HE.  Richard will try to gain sight of, or preferably access to, the Plan and the name of the responsible contact  in HE.
b)  Mobile Post Office
Jem reported on the correspondence and conversations with Kevin Hollinrake’s office, Openreach, the Post Office and others.  The PO Area Manager has agreed to raise the problem with her managers now that she is aware of its nature.  Jem will contact her again to ascertain whether any progress can be made.  The possibility of a concerted appeal from affected residents may be considered.
c)  Roads maintenance
The initial response from NYCC Highways had been supplemented by further remedial work.  It was agreed that the Council would continue to submit reports of damage warranting attention at, perhaps, six monthly intervals, if necessary.  Jem will write to NYCC to express the Council’s gratitude.
d)  A64 pedestrian safety
Richard reported that an Action Group has been established and that he has attended the first meeting.  Richard will circulate the minutes as well as a report of an analysis of the vehicular/pedestrian traffic along this part of the A64.  The Parish Council will contribute £100 in two instalments.
e)  Freedom of Information – Model Publication Scheme
Preparation and publication of a scheme was not thought necessary as the provisions of the legislation are being complied with, or exceeded, already.  Richard will check that a scheme is not a legal requirement.

4.         New Matters
None raised

5.         Planning
a)  Hydramotion
A revised application is still awaited.
b)  Barn West of Village Green – Walker Fold Barn
Outstanding issues have been successfully resolved.  James Morris said that he felt aggrieved that he had lost time and money as a result of a query raised by the Council and stated that any concerns should have be raised with him.  Richard explained the Council had always supported the application and the matter raised with RDC was administrative.
c)  Unit 6 Malton Enterprise Park
Awaiting determination.

6.         Finance
a)  Budget progress
The report to 30th September was considered to show that the position was satisfactory.

7.         Any Other Business
a)  TransPennine Express/Forestry Commission grants
This scheme was not considered appropriate for any project currently contemplated.
b)  Village maintenance
Pavement edges and kerb between High & Low villages and from Carr Cottages to the pinfold have become overgrown and covered in debris.  Jem will ask the grass cutting contractor to clear them now that grass growth has slowed.
c)  Barneygate Lane End
Simon reported that the vegetation on the triangle at was restricting visibility.  It was not thought likely that Highways England would alter the routine cutting programme.
d) Leader grants
Andy wondered whether community installation of a fibre optic cable could be considered in this scheme.  Richard will contact Amy Walker to enquire.
e)  Community Event - Hovingham
Richard drew attention to this event on the 19th of October.
f)   Councillor Vacancy
Jem will initiate the prescribed procedure for appointing a new Councillor.

8.         Date of Next meeting(s)
Tuesday 28th November and, provisionally, 30th of January 2018 at 7.30.

Jem Charles, Clerk to the Parish Council

Signed:…………………………………………….(Richard Green, Chairman)

Date: ……………………………..

© 2017

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