Saturday, 11 March 2017

Your New Village Hall

After extensive refurbishment, work on the village hall is now complete (except for minor issues) and I have to tell you that it looks pretty darn good.

The interior walls were ripped out, reframed, insulated and then plasterboarded with new wood panelling, so the interior has remained true to the original but is smart, clean and modern.

A new storeroom has been built as an extension to the main hall:

The dingy old kitchen has been ripped out and rebuilt, it's clean, fresh and light:

Last but not least the toilets have been elevated to a new plane with tiles, new colour schemes and electric hand-dryers:

Finally, new storage heaters. You need to know that these are locked down to a preset temperature at the moment.

The new hall is a credit to everyone who conceived it, worked on it and fund-raised for it.

Look after it please.

© 2017

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