Saturday 5 November 2016

The Village Hall Refurbishment - Update

The Village Hall Refurbishment


The new purpose-built storage room build will happen in November and take around 2 weeks. During this time the hall will remain in use.

The main refurbishment work will start in January and is planned to take around 4 weeks. During this time the hall will be out of use and the site will be closed to the public.

The plan is to store all equipment and furniture which we are going to retain in the new store room and the 2 existing sheds on site during the refurbishment. All other equipment and furniture that we may deem as obsolete or not needed shall be disposed.

If you have items in the hall they will need to be removed or Andy Dorman, who is coordinating the removal/storage process, should be advised so he can make arrangements.

IMPORTANT Items not identified, claimed or removed by December 14th may be disposed of either through sale, tip or donation.

The skip, material storage and welfare facilities will be sited behind the hall and vehicular access to them will be via the paddock as required but managed by the estate office and the onsite project manager.

Inevitably there may be a little more traffic for deliveries, more people around and potentially noise during the periods of work but we do hope you will be understanding and thank you for your patience. 

For further information regarding the refurbishment logistics and works, contact Andy Dorman 01653 694412.  (hall clearance ) or  Michael Leighton (construction)

Colours and Décor – we are now planning the décor and colour schemes for the hall post refurbishment and some options will be on view at Herbies in the coming weeks. If you wish to support one scheme over the other or have comments or opinions then please make your views known – 01653 699769 by December 1st.

Obviously it will be impossible to please everyone but we would welcome feedback before the final decisions are made. Thanks

Cleaner – the hall will also need a cleaner – weekly or bi-monthly – hours to suit from Feb 2017. Contact Liz 01653 699769 if interested and if you know anyone who might be interested.

Liz Ellis

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