Monday 15 August 2016

Huttons Ambo climbs Everest!??!

Huttons Ambo climbs Everest!

On Saturday the 24th September 2016 there will be a fund raising event for our Church by “climbing Everest”. 

The Church only receives funding through the generosity of those who live in Huttons Ambo (There is no external funding support from the Church or Government) and, as it is used by many in the Village for marriages, christenings, funerals as well as services on Sundays, if the Church is not supported by the Village it is possible that it would have to close and we could lose our Church.

The Plan: The Rector is going to lead us by climbing in all five parishes in the Benefice. In simple terms, 300 people, or equivalent, walking from the war memorial to the Church will have climbed collectively the height of Everest.  Cycle attempts count, dogs having four legs count twice, humans count once.

Each “climber” should obtain sponsorship or make a donation, so funds will be raised.  Tea, coffee and cake will be available at St Margaret's at a modest cost to all who partake and of course the organ and bells will play for 5 minutes as each 10,000 feet are reached.

The Route:  The direct route is straight up the road, but any route is acceptable, for instance, up Rakes Lane from the Old School to the top of the immediate ridge, turn right around the fields towards the Hall and thence to the Church.

Timings:  The Rector will “climb” in Huttons Ambo between 0900 and 1015, so the Church will be open from 0900 to 1200.

Evening Party:   There will be a party in the early evening for the whole Benefice organised by Welburn. It will be on a Nepalese theme and tickets will be £10 for adults and £5 for children. Sponsorship forms will be available, and are likely to be available from Herbie’s and on the web site – to be confirmed. 

Questions should be directed to Jeremy Bleasdale on 01653 – 690344

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