Sunday 27 March 2016

Huttons Ambo Good Neighbours

Huttons Ambo Good Neighbours 

Our volunteers will offer residents of High and Low Hutton help with this kind of activity :

•          household tasks such as changing a lightbulb

•          minor repairs

•          picking up prescriptions

•          running errands

•          reading to anyone with vision difficulties

•          letter writing

•          arranging a ride to shops or doctors

•          simple computer help

•          form filling

•          or just company for a while

 For those unable to use the bus, transport requests will be referred to the Ryecat scheme with whom we have an arrangement

Shopping can also be undertaken - starting at Herbie’s but using Malton’s shops and services if Herbie cannot help

Dog walking/Pet feeding – we will refer on to our very competent local dog walker

How It Works

The service will be available 9:00am to 6:00pm every day Monday to Sunday

Telephone number  07936 431 368  will link you to the duty volunteer who will take your call and make arrangements for a volunteer to complete the required task for you.

This assistance will be freely available to anyone in the community, young or old, who needs a helping hand.

It is our particular aim to help our older residents live in their homes more confidently, to feel more connected to their neighbours and to reduce their need for health care services as a result.


Good Neighbours scheme volunteer co-ordinators are supported by Rural Action Yorkshire (RAY).

Liz Ellis

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