Tuesday 12 January 2016

Report on Huttons Ambo Youth Club meeting, Friday January 8th 2016.

There was another good turnout for the Huttons Ambo Youth Club on Friday, January 8th with a total of 24 children coming along.

The session started with a game of hockey which seemed to be popular and warmed everyone up. 

Vince Castleton came along to talk about hedgehogs and their habitats and how to encourage them into your garden. Vince and Jo along with other villagers have cared for more than a dozen hedgehogs with the help of The British Hedgehog Preservation Society.

Vince showed the children the type of ‘accommodation’ that the hedgehogs lived in while they were staying with him. He also explained what they like to eat - not bread and milk as many people think. They prefer meaty pet food and water which can also be a lifesaver for them as they can get dehydrated.

The next youth club meeting will be a disco on Friday, February 5th with Joseph Banks as DJ.

The village show committee is looking for ideas from young people as to what type of things they would like to see in the children’s categories for the show. If there is something you would like to see can you let the youth club leaders know at the next sessions.

The youth club is open to children age 5-17 years. Subs are £2.50 a child. Email info@huttonsambo.com to get on the list.

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