Wednesday 18 November 2015

YOUTH CLUB MEETING Friday November 6th - Report

YOUTH CLUB MEETING Friday November 6th

18 members of the youth club attended the session.

Sarah and Sara led baking activities and there was a quiz and all the usual games and activities.

The club has been able to purchase equipment for indoor hockey, soft balls and a parachute silk for other physical activities.

All sessions start at 7pm and anyone aged 5-17 can join in – even if you are not usually a residents of the village and just visiting or staying with family.

Future sessions include : 
  • kids quiz night, 
  • chocolate bingo, 
  • taster session in mechanics, 
  • Raspberry Pi, 
  • Map Reading with The Mountain Rescue, 
  • an art project led by Lesley Seeger and many other fun things……

If anyone would like to volunteer to run a session for an hour with one of the regular leaders get in touch – we are always looking for ideas

Email to get on mailing list

Subs £2.50 per session. The club is open to anyone 5 to 17. 

Insurance is in place for regular activities and there will always be a leader present with DBS clearance. The club is overseen by North Yorkshire Youth.


Friday December 4th
Pottery painting & making chocolate peppermints for Christmas & maybe a special guest
Plus usual games and activities led by Anne and Liz

Friday January 8th
Hedgehog husbandry and taster session – making bird feeders and boxes for birds and bats
Plus usual games and activities led by Vince and Andy

Friday February 5th
Disco and Party Night
Plus usual games and activities.

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